Tuesday, January 31, 2012


"I think it's disturbing," said TriMet spokeswoman Mary Fetsch, "When you think about transit as a reflection of the community, and what happens in the community well, at times will happen on transit. An 11-year-old. Wow. You think, 'What has our community come to?'"
 Boy, 11, arrested with gun on MAX ordered to wear GPS bracelet | Washington - Oregon - Idaho


Al M said...

When I look at Mary's hair as a reflection of what Trimet has come to I say, WOW, what have we come too?

Erik H. said...

What did Mary have to say about the 58 incident a few days ago?

Oh, it involved a comment.

Jason McHuff said...

What incident? Are you sure the media wanted a comment?

Anonymous said...

The 58 incident a few days ago where an SUV ran a red and hit the bus at 6th and columbia. 1 person taken to the hospital.

Jason McHuff said...

Ah, that one. I had forgotten it was a 58 which was involved in that, given there's so many routes through there.

But if you look at the articles regarding it, such as this one, you'll see that TriMet did comment on it. No, Mary specifically didn't, but Mary can't do everything.