Sunday, August 26, 2012


Fine state of affairs TRIMET EXECUTIVES find themselves in.
SAFETY VIOLATIONS are Standard Operating Procedure now that the Trimet managment team has completely disenfranchised SAFETY SENSITIVE EMPLOYEES to such a degree that they no longer are interested in going the extra mile to make sure service is provided adequately to the public.

On top of that the RIDING PUBIC has taken to a GRAFFITI campaign in one more of the many acts of open rebellion to the masters who rule Trimet.

The executives have done the unthinkable, lost the public and its employees all at once.

In any sane world, management like that would be out of a job.


Al M said...

And where is the bought and paid for 'media'?

Meanwhile that 'other' bureaucracy which is called 'union' spends its member dues to fight amongst itself.

The entire structure is rotten!

Anonymous said...

Well this is a wake up call to all union memebers to change the narative, sitting on the side lines will not be an option in November!