Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dead by Trimet MAX

We never did get any details on this incident which is interesting.
I love the fact that mainstream media only gives us information THEY want us to have, the rest of it is blacked out.
Just more evidence to never pay any attention at all to mainstream media 
I guess the victim was not where they were supposed to be and had not much to do with Trimet engineering.
It appears that this was a suicide by Trimet .
I also hear that the driver is still in shock over this incident, it was gruesome
Listen to the traumatized operator HERE!
Listen to MAX coms HERE


Al M said...

The reason I post these is because the public has no idea how traumatic these sorts of events are for the people driving the vehicles. Only when you hear the actual audio do you get an idea of what the reality is for mass transit operators

Unknown said...

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Humphrey said...

Your headline is disgusting, just like main stream media. Max did not claim another victim! This person was in a restricted areas with ten foot fences crouched in a ball and then ran in front of a train. The least you could do is change the title to reflect the reality of this situation.