Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Trimet's "Dear Leader" Mcfarlane wins an award

It appears that NEIL MCFARLANE has won something called the RAY LAHOOD AWARD. It says its for advancing the careers of woman in the transit industry.

Not sure what Mcfarlane has actually done to advance the careers of woman? Lomax and Devine were already at Trimet . I guess the new CFO is a woman but why is that a big deal. I can't think  of anyone else that was female in Mcfarlanes 'inner circle'

My guess is the "powers" wanted Mcfarlane to get an award so they gave him this one.

These transit 'professionals' are always giving themselves awards for all sorts of stupid things.

They'll all have their usual dinner and gala 'celebration', probably another Mcfarlane speech  


Jason McHuff said...

I believe they are talking about the women employed in constructing the Orange Line and not necessarily in executive positions.

Al M said...

If that's true then it's complete bullshit since those were all 'temp' jobs

I'm sure the people involved all made nice fortunes off the pork but it means nothing as to the advancement of woman

Jason McHuff said...

Yes, the contracts were temporary, but they can be a stepping stone and a step up. This can go for not only the front-line employees, but the sub-contractor businesses, some of which are small and being able to work on the project is a big thing. The project can prepare them to work on other projects.

Al M said...

Ya sure Jason, Mcfartbrain really deserves this award because of that, right