Friday, February 25, 2011


Dear Al,
The tens of thousands of people gathered at the Wisconsin statehouse have not gone home in nearly two weeks. We've watched them march, chant, sing, and camp out in the statehouse.
Now, what will you do to help them and defend the rights of American workers?
Join the nationwide day of solidarity rallies this Saturday, Feb. 26 at 12 Noon.  Rallies are planned in all 50 states and will bring thousands of people to every statehouse and major city to say NO to the assault on the middle-class.
We will be turning OR into Madison on Saturday as workers, community members, clergy and everyday Americans take a stand for justice.
Sign up for the rally in OR.
Hundreds of TWU members have already sent their messages of support and signed our petition.  If you haven't yet, send your message of solidarity.
Wisconsin is ground zero in the battle to protect the basic right of workers to have a union.  Americans must take a united stand against the anti-worker politicians in states like Ohio and Indiana that are proposing similar legislation that would take away collective bargaining for public workers and eventually all workers.
We might not have the billions of dollars that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's billionaire supporters have, such as the Koch brothers, but we do have people power and know how to mobilize for equality and justice.The voice of working people is starting to win. In Indiana, workers have pressured the state legislature to withdraw some of the most draconian anti-worker legislation and the Democratic State Senators in Wisconsin continue to stay away from the statehouse in order to block the bill.
Join in the movement. Get details on the rally in OR.

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