Sunday, February 27, 2011


Max and I had a fairly pleasant ride home, however it was pouring rain and people drove like idiots.

The worst drivers as usual were the ones driving the SUV’s.
We made pretty good time but just missed a red line so we had some coffee which distracted us so we had to run to catch the next red line. We made it by about 2 minutes.

It turned out that I had left my script sunglasses in the rental car so I drove back to the airport to get them.
Unfortunately the car rental place was not actually at the airport so somehow I got turned around and ended up on Marine Drive, heading to St John’s.  There is nothing on Marine Drive so after driving into the abyss for about 10 minutes I called someone who was able to direct me in the right direction. Finally found the highway and made it home.

It was a good trip, nice to see Chad, Dave and Adron again, and a couple of new people.

But the highlight of the Trip was getting to meet Jeff Welch, who highly underestimates his public appearance qualities.

Articulate and witty, this man really portrays the best of us bus drivers!

Thanks to the Seattle folks, and special thanks to Adron Hall who generously picked up the tab for the dinner!


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Aw, shucks. And back atcha.