Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to get a new bus

In 4 easy steps!
(bonus cameo appearance)

Step 1: First, you need an old bus. This part is easy - just do a run on the west side, which greatly increases the likelihood that your bus was purchased by TriMet during the Reagan administration.

This is our old bus.

Step 2: Something will probably go wrong with the bus. This is neither your fault, nor especially surprising (see Exhibit A)

Step 3: Ask everyone to leave the bus.

Then drive away.

Some magical, black-box stuff happens here, involving a nice spotter, some confused tourists, and a frustrated passenger whose transfer expired during this exchange. Then...

Step 4: Yay, a new bus!

Now you have air conditioning AND a wheelchair ramp! It's that easy!

(disclaimer: photographer is not a TriMet employee, therefore the restrictions on the photography of TriMet employees, passengers, equipment, bus stops, roads, plants, and wildlife do not apply)


Al M said...

Al M said...


“Irony is a disciplinarian feared only by those who do not know it, but cherished by those who do”

Soren Kierkegaard quotes (Danish Philosopher and Theologian, generally recognized as the first existentialist philosopher. 1813-1855)
May 24, 2011 6:52 PM
Al M said...

And I do NOT quote Kerikegaard often!
May 24, 2011 7:02 PM

Anonymous said...

I was a nice ride home, bus your passengers miss you.

Erik H. said...

The 1700s weren't delivered until 1992 to 1995 so they were purchased during the Bush I years. I doubt Flxible had a four year order backlog...

The 1400s were delivered in 1990, so it's conceivable that they WERE ordered during the Reagan years.

I think you might be thinking of the 500-600 series Flxibles, which were in fact delivered in 1988 or thereabouts...but they've been off the roster for a few years. Of course there's hardly little difference between a 500/600 and a 1700/1800.

Daydreamer said...

Speaking of the older busses what about the Artics we used to have, those you could count on breaking down!

Anonymous said...

We used to call the artics "possum" usually found on the rode "dead". Although I enjoyed the artics but the OLD buses (1700-1900) are my favorite. Reason is: before the door is closed you are already moving. I call it "slam and go". 2900 are great.

Al M said...

Actually I thought those buses were delivered to Trimet during JIMMIE CARTERS presidency!