Saturday, July 30, 2011

and here they are, direct from REAL PEOPLE...TWITTER REPORTS

PortlandAfoot: Signature-gathering is allowed on TriMet because it's categorically a "free speech" activity, TriMet says ·
  mikerigsby: A hot, stuffy #Trimet bus with several off work fast food workers on it. Nothing like the smell of sweat & french fry grease. :p
zfekede: #trimet has to be the worst transportation system in the world
esseAdamDavis: The trimet outfits look like police uniforms haha #pdx
eenrightsguy: @trimet trimet has made an enemy of me, & i really don't see the wisdom of it. i will keep people aware of the agency's inexcusable behavior
transit_tweets: RT @teenrightsguy: @trimet that is outrageous. i've already put you on notice via these tweets that i have concerns. i will not go out of my way further
sisterthyme: My love/hate relationship with Trimet is only matched by my love/hate relationship with rhubarb. And the Trimet iPhone ap? I just hate you.

transit_tweets: RT @bee_antonio: @trimet Max Conductor on noon green line to psu: Announcing the weather and wishing everyone a great day. Great touch. Give him a raise!
ericfruits: Ticket inspectors at Hollywood TC report 1 in 20 do not have valid fares #TriMet
7  Rayvhen: Ugh i hate how dirty #trimet buses have gotten. I guess our upped fares don't go to pay for clean buses.
trentotron: @huckleberryhart trimet. Silly, silly trimet.
WalkOfLife503: #MAXlife forgot to take a picture of today's broken machine #trimet ·
malex2208: Man the bus is packed today. #Wtf? Standing only by Lake O? #trimet
oogmar: Oh, but Trimet will take my money. Fucking hell.
mili217: As long as u hav music the max and bus are kinda nice #trimet
WashCoScanner: RT @BrandonCarmody: @trimet Bus #88 to BTC @ Stop #9870 that was scheduled at 9:17pm appears to be a no show. Several passengers here wanting to know what's up?
CaseyGarnerPDX: Broke the door on the trimet. Great start for the night. Lol
inzerparty: People on the @trimet are waaasted from #obf haha i love it
BeanFry: I'm waiting for someone to call me back and the H&M/TriMet piano song is onaaaaaaabecause I'm on holdaaaaaaaa
thatjohnguy20: Man fuck trimet.
marinakayy: Frustrated with @trimet. The 17 just flew by us and now we have to wait 30 more minutes
theonetruebix: I wish someone'd make a @TriMet minutes to real minutes conversion chart.
moleMan4000: Easily the worst signed entrance I have ever (not) seen (@ TriMet Sunset Transit Center w/ 2 others
hanartist: Photo: Portland mass transit (Taken with Instagram at TriMet MAX Blue Line Train)
The board does nothing and where are my civil rights?: from on .1-Trimet needs to make these meetings public2-...
Rayvhen: Not looking forward to #Trimet ride this afternoon.
shawnshine: Boxed wine and toenail clipping: just another revolting day on TriMet
BeanFry: WHAT is that horrible piano tune that H&M and TriMet are using??? Get that OUT of my head I woke up with itaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
michelemaule: Planning a TriMet trip for this afternoon. It's looking like it's going to take me an hour to get somewhere that would take me 20 min by car
rjbs: Been waiting nearly an hour for a red line train. What gives? #trimet
alexpeerenboom: Well go figure....another disappearing line 12. Great job TriMet
transit_tweets: RT @JDThyme: @trimet machines 152 & 151 at Hawthorne Farm both down. No way to report after-hours.
CCdoan: Wow, I'm just whizzing through rush hour traffic! Thanks @trimet! Haven't been on the MAX in over a year or two.
TrimetObserver: #Trimet Riding the MAX to Portland and the guy next to me is hand washing his black Converse all stars with a bottle of Evian water and .
transit_tweets: RT @wooliegeek: @trimet bus was not full, was in wrong lane and turned south on 9th instead of continuing on Broadway
celeriac: wtf is with busses not coming, trimet? I need to get back to work. UGH. ·
Lungfish: Sad the only old @trimet bus shelter left is now a coffee shop on 5th and main. All the new ones are just bus "lean-tos." Damn modernization
HatHats: RT @Dan_Christensen: Overhead on my #Trimet Bus: "YOU CAN'T LOOK AT ME, STOP LOOKING!" Very Crazy guy on the mall yesterday. Didn't let him on
ransit_tweets: RT @bwilli27: @trimet ticket machine at N Lombard towards city center not accepting fares. Cancels transactions seconds after pressing button
idiotradar: One of the more interesting @trimet bus rides I've had. Standoff w/ a car at 60th and Belmont
SallyKOIN: 18 aggravated assaults on MAX platforms in the past year--we're talking to TriMet about what's being done to protect riders @koin_local_6 ·
necrotelicom: @trimet hey, how about more 8 runs to NE on Last Thursday? Crush crowds both in & outbound tonight.
emanuelbrown: @TriMet 54 bus driver just narrowly avoided t-boning some jackass that ran a red light. Thanks for the fancy footwork! #closecall #commute
  myersben: @trimet y dont u have a train that runs all night??????
  JeanieMcDuck: What is it with @trimet buses not stopping for me?! Line 14 at 1st and Madison didn't stop and now I'm going to be late AGAIN.
adejocular: "This bus is full, full of girls! This is a girl bus!!!" -possible pedophile, and random crazy man #trimet #pdx
AJH1993: Just curious #TriMet. How come some of your drivers would rather be dead than driving the bus? Some drivers seem real angry. ·
gschandler: @wooliegeek if you don't jump up and down and wave your arms wildly, Trimet's new rules say to bypass idle ppl at bus stops.
wooliegeek: WTF trimet? Is stop 656 being bypassed? #9 just drove right by me.
JayGrisham: I H8 Trimet. #brokenbus
irkdesu: I'm finding that @trimet really likes to take the scheduled 76 and 78 buses and just never have them show up on time.
TrimetObserver: #trimet The body odor on the blue line MAX was tolerable until a middle eastern guy sat next to me. I don't believe he owns any deodorant.
JWbual: Don't ever ride @trimet portland.
monkeyminion: Why can't I have a bus driver that wants to actually DRIVE their bus? I'd really, REALLY like to go home tonight.
jonesrich: This yellow line MAX car is a sauna! #trimet
Sequelcast: A @trimet bus driver told me never to put a day ticket into the money slot. Funny, all the other bus drivers told me the opposite!
CallahanFamily: #trimet The 87 bus going to Rockwood due at 4:43pm, arrived at 6:10pm. One hour and 27 minutes late. Guess I'll be really late for dinner.
monkeyminion: My bus driver literally just got off the bus and went into big town hero for a bite in the middle of the route. Seriously? @trimet route12
teenrightsguy: Thank you again for the anti- #trimet comments. Soon @trimet might start firing inspectors who harass teens & adults. Don't let up!
mikerigsby: I actually wish I was on a @Trimet bus that didn't have AC because all their drivers set it at "see your own breath" temps.
14  adrahayward: Tweakers are now comparing notes on parole officers. Mom would be so proud. #trimet
maniacmikey: RT @adrahayward: This baby on the train has more teeth than mom and dad combined #trimet
japuvian: Woah just saw a woman with "fuck" tattooed on her left calf and "you" on her right calf. #hopeforhappyfeet #classy #trimet
SkeeveHolt: Things people shouldn't talk about on their cellphones while riding Trimet: "that cream did wonders for my rash."
colajegebe: Punkrawker needs to work at TRIMET: Yea! Come on over here! ·
SolomonPDX: Lol a trimet bus just got pulled over ·
skluss: If you can't spot the weirdest person on the bus then the weirdest person is probably you. Gotta love trimet! ·
phraleigh: I don't know how long I can do this trimet thing. #zipcar is looking like a good option. ·
nikipoole: First time ever being late to work @oregonzoo i hate riding @trimet
apuvian: Driver on the @trimet 12 bus 2248 is a freaking saint. Calmly dealing with mumbeling drunk who would otherwise be a problem
mikerigsby: 5:30am & my #Trimet driver is blasting the AC. They're going to have to chip me out of my seat
Allyson13: Dear @trimet - it is very disconcerting to stand in front of the Max doors only to have them close before I board.
insektmute: @megsauce Time to start wearing boots every day to protect against Trimet assassins. ·
ehnick: This bitch has more hair on her chin than I do on my entire back. #trimet
JanesVanity: @piperewan @trimet has been really really bad lately :(

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