Wednesday, July 27, 2011

David Kay


Jeff Welch said...

Segregationist bullshit. People with disabilities accessing the same public transportation as everyone else is a good thing.

Nedwell said...

While David Kay may have several motives for requesting a continuation to current Lift levels, the fact is, right now, all Trimet operators currently serve lots of disabled riders on their scheduled routes.

A bus can only accomodate two mobility devices at a time. On busy routes the capacity at times already gets max'd out.

The Lift is used by those who are the most frail or the most disabled. To expect regular bus service to smoothly take up the slack of transporting these folks is unrealistic.

Jeff Welch said...

I disagree with Kay's take that the system (any system) will be "flooded" with users with disabilities; that drivers wouldn't be able to handle it; that it would cause significant delays; or that LIFT (like our own ACCESS service here) is necessarily used by the "most frail or most disabled".

It'll be just fine.