Friday, July 29, 2011



Steve Fung said...

You need to get on that Tequila bus with Jeff in order to scope out
the retirement possibilities on the Mexican coast.

Max said...

There are a lot of people in Milwaukie who do want the orange line -- I'm not sure what the split is; but a Milwaukie-only vote on this topic would certainly be at least split if not in favor of PMLR. (that's my sense anyway)

Clackamas County, OTOH, doesn't want PMLR (or the Sellwood bridge) simply because most of the county lives light-years away from these projects way out in the country and could care less.

Also, operating revenue is split up roughly like this:

21% farebox
55% payroll tax
24% grants, other

Al M said...

"24% grants, other"
~~~>What the heck is that supposed to mean? They don't get GRANTS for operating expenses!
They don't have sufficient funds to operate this guaranteed, it will come out of

Max said...

Check the annual report. My guess is that most of the "grants/etc" comes from the state. The fee the city of Wilsonville pays for WES probably goes into this category; I'm not sure how exactly that's made up though.

Al M said...

It will come out of the bus service is what I was trying to say.
Trimet does an excellent job of diffusing the facts when it come to money.