Monday, August 22, 2011

The BEST Twitters

mahaloluinoa: @trimet Will you EVER enforce the maximum limits on the number of bikes per train? ·
RT @sarahesterman: Sometimes I wonder if I text trimet transit tracker more than I do my friends... #trimet
@Dan_Christensen: Overheard on my #Trimet bus: "I can't decide if Portland was laid out by a wild psychopath or expertly laid out by a blind man."
Zakyrie: I have the best morning #Trimet driver! :-D
Yuu_you_U: @Ya_rail_mylife そうだ、シアトルでモノレール乗ったぞ TRIMETと言い何といい、こっちの都市交通は進んでる、何処まで行っても人が密集してる日本と違って設計しやすそうな気が
KakashiIreneiv: Punkrawker needs to work at TRIMET: Yea! Come on over here! ·
JakeMcNeal: Thank God #TriMet has air conditioning #90+degreesout
MeesterJordan: I should take TriMet more often. There's some hotties on the 76
@IsaacKnight: @trimet it'd be nice if your buses came when your text system says they will. Failing that you could tell me that it's not coming.
throwthegnome: Wow. @trimet driver left the transfers unattended while on break. Watched a guy just walk on the bus and grab one nonchalantly
diedotcom: Hey @trimet bus 15 driver, don't give me a fucking attitude because the cash machine on your bus is broke. I wanted to pay. Not my fault.
gemsong: Stupid 12 you've been coming in 4 minutes for 8 minutes now. #trimet ·
Dan_Christensen: #Trimet may be building a new bridge for big money but it's bus fleet is just old. Today my bus overheated 7 times, Sorry people.
lauramwebster: Being told I look like an oil painting makes up somewhat for the trashy dude on TriMet who told me I had great legs. Quality matters
mariamazing32: Why is everyone who works for trimet fat?
paperstahz: hey trimet guy, go find a bathroom stall to fuck yourself in. #rudepeople
mikerigsby: Man the @Trimet 33 bus on Saturdays is a whole bag full of batshit crazy. Jerry Springer would be in heaven
TrishCarey: Not so sure about this mass transit/exercise idea I had today (@ TriMet Rose Quarter Transit Center)
  Magellanova: Air conditioning on second bus isn't working either. Is #Trimet broken?
jobotslash: Bus never arrived at 10877. Waiting on next one. :(
MPdaCNA: @trimet SERIOUSLY! RT @pdxcommute: Dear #TriMet line 17 (bus 2011): that red light at NW Everett and Broadway means stop
HatHats: On #trimet bus 2709 being driven by my favorite kind if driver: friendly, patient, informative, and announces all the stops.
flowersbyfarha: @Ms_Melisande I hate jack-rabbit bus drivers! Those are the ones worth sending @TriMet a complaint about.
WashCoScanner: RT @pdxcommute: ALERT: Mechanical issues causing problems on Blue, Red lines of MAX. Shuttle buses serving Rose Quarter to Jeld-Wen Field
  Ms_Melisande: This bus driver speeds toward each stop and brakes hard upon approach. Watch the riders brace themselves each time! #trimet
rehmee: "Excuse mr. trimet operator, my roommate really wants me home to party and watch Sailor Moon. Could you hurry it up?" #lovelife
FranSeaLou: WTF is wrong with Tri-Met? Why can't they run the MAX on Friday afternoons? #TRIMET
Danredwing: RT @sicklittlejag: Three cars in three stops driving in the bus only lanes. Enforcement anyone? @trimet @MayorSamAdams?
Kods1983: RT @itsElleMC: @Kods1983 I wanna exchange public transportation stories via twitter sometime..I'm the queen of trimet!
neekaneeks: Late train is late.... WHAT THE HELL #trimet 15 minutes on the first red line to the airport. Oh well... *writes* ·
ChelszzzB: @sarahdot Trimet is our mutual sick friend. ·
moochcassidy: Sweet Jesus that's disgusting @DaveFromPDX: @moochcassidy, have you seen this? A Tri-Met driver told me about it:"
pdxcommute: RT @japuvian: The seats on the @trimet #WES are so comfy I always fall asleep in the morning.
kelcach: Kids on the @trimet MAX: "Don't you just love poking homeless people?" WTF?! #portland #trimettweensdrivemecrazy
tjzero: Why is it that the best Trimet bus drivers either have mullets or fu manchus?
nicejackson: Oh the Trimet Transit Cops hit a nerve I am attacked...Yes on Wednesday this group of Transit Cops stopped dwntTwn and stared me down.
doctor_jeff: Another commuting tip - if you hit a guy in the face with your bike, go home and practice before bringing it back on the train. #trimet ·

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