Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Re: Milwaukie light rail commitment based on 'quicksand of lies,' (Aug. 17 issue), Milwaukie can be accused of bag attention from "blight rail" to plastic bags.
The plastic bag issue is an obvious diversion from critical issues, e.g., TriMet's MAX Orange Line, a superfluous light rail incursion wherein an "unmistakable majority believe should be halted in its tracks completely – or, at least terminated at the Clackamas County line."
For sure, the egregiously costly $200 million-per-mile construction project to Park Avenue is NOT in Milwaukie's best interests, even though Mayor Jeremy Ferguson, also a TriMet employee, "twitches" that issue be inconspicuously bagged and/or flushed down into some twilight zone where voters don't know squat. Ha!
Folks, show the governmentium politicos the d'oh and encourage common-sense thinkers like Ed Zumwalt to lead in restoring common sense in Clackamas (vs. Calamitous) County, and free good folks like DaVinci's, et al, from the transit agency's cancerous metastasizing, please!

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