Friday, June 3, 2016

Chis Day on the Trimet stolen bus saga

TriMet made this statement “Previously this individual had been provided with TriMet uniforms and given information about TriMet buses and procedures. There is even evidence that the individual may also have been given access to another TriMet bus yard and provided with training on how to drive a bus. Access to the Center Street operations building, uniforms, information and the training given to this individual were evidently all provided by TriMet bus operators!” in a flyer that was distributed throughout Center Street Garage. It was put on man tables and is displayed at the manager’s counter. The flyer is dated June 1, 2016 No. 73 and is titled Security Begins with YOU!

TriMet is very quick to place blame on the operator. They did this with the MAX going through too high of water and now they are doing it here. TriMet is stating that bus operators supplied the individual with uniforms, information about buses, information about procedures, access to multiple garages and given training.

Is this the start of a “witch hunt” to find all the operators that participated in this?

If any operators did actually do any of the things TriMet claims are we to expect terminations and/or disciplinary actions?

What types of evidence will give clear indications that an operator did as claimed?

The flyer shows no indications of ways to better our system. It only talks about what we are expected to do. A commitment to safety and security lays within every employee at TriMet. It starts at the very top and goes all the way down to the very bottom so pointing fingers about who did what does not solve the problem at hand. We need to ask “How can our security be improved to avoid this from happening again”?

This topic has me very worked up and I have put together a PDF file that addresses the flyer that TriMet produced. I hope you take the time to read it and give your feedback. Thank you for taking that time to read this post and keep in mind that TriMet has many positions and to keep placing blame on the operator will not get things fixed.

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