Sunday, August 27, 2017

August Trimet board meeting

Some people think I spend all day every day just thinking about Trimet.
Alas its not true. 
Trimet is like HBO to me, always entertaining and fun to watch from a distance.
As much as I'd like to watch these board meetings the time I have available for this material dictates that I have to set priorities.

I'd much rather listen to Trimet dispatch, the real story of Trimet.
 Operators, dispatchers, and controllers running an actual transit system and all the emotional roller-coasters that they endure.
It's similar to reality TV, at least to me it is.

Watching the board meetings on the other hand is like watching a bunch of phony, self obsessed, overpaid politicians. 
The board and all the people that are part of these meetings are the Trimet aristocracy. 
Trimet is in reality nothing but a tax farm. 
Taxes are extracted from the public and used for many purposes beyond actually providing transit. Every tax farm in this country comes complete with its own version of an aristocracy. These people are the economic parasites that make obscene profits for themselves and business interests that basically have nothing to do with providing services to actual people.
The parasite class, at every tax farm, are usually the so called "leaders" of a community.
(the leaders are the local plutocracy)
The revenue streams are closely guarded by these aristocrats 

Given my time limitations if you want to watch the aristocrats you'll have to do it yourself. 

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