Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Henry Beasley

The votes are in and this is how it comes out:

58 monitors with signage
32 safety barriers
26 Ticketless system
13 crackdowns with prosecution
11 more force for fare evasion
8 barriers actually makes me feel unsafe and unable to defend myself
1 and entrance for on the driver side and a sealed driver’s area
1 none of the above

We know that this is just a straw poll where transit workers can answer multiple options and add to the poll.  This is a snap shot of how transit workers feel as opposed to what the company wants to do for us.  In unions, we make decisions based on a majority of members input, into what would be a consensus on how we move forward.  What we have here is just a picture of what transit workers feel concerning our collective health and safety, which is contrary to the company’s definition of transit worker safety.

In this poll, we disagree with the direction of the company and we have another solution that would fit into the original direction the company strives for, and that’s good consumer experiences in public transit and yet provides a level of prevention that is cost effective compared to the barrier pushed by the district.

In a unionized work environment, it's critical that the labor union and management work together to sustain a productive and engaged workforce.  When unionized workers comes together and brings sensible solutions that both sides can agree with, creates an engaged workforce that is a strong and productive and the company would be much more successful then without it.

Identifying and addressing these types of challenges head-on is an effective way to approach the joint labor-management relationship and dispel the notion that labor unions and companies must be adversaries to create a positive work environment.  Its time both sides change course and act as partners to make the company an example for other districts to follow.

Henry Beasley
Your Brother on the front lines

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