Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Chris Day

I have been re-reading our International Constitution and General Laws just to make sure I am current with all the new changes that have taken place at the 2016 convention. I noticed that our International has updated the Order of Business for local unions and yet our local is not functioning in the manner our Constitution is directing. Here is what our Constitution states:

13.16 Order of Business. The following shall be the regular order of business for LUs:
1. Call to Order by President
2. President or Designee Examines Members Present
3. Roll Call of Officers
4. Reading of Minutes of Previous Meeting
5. Initiation of New Members
6. Communications and Bills
7. Reports of Officers
8. Reports of Delegates and Standing and Special
9. Unfinished Business
10. New Business and Welfare of the Local
11. Nomination and Election of Officers
12. Installation of Officers
13. Receipts and Expenditures
14. Adjournment
I have never seen #3 take place and would like to see that in action. #4 has never taken place and members have always been asked to just approve the last month’s meeting without even reading it so I am happy to see this change. #6 I am very happy to see. #13 this is a key one that I doubt we will ever see even though our Constitution now states it is to take place.

This is information that our Brothers and Sisters should be aware of and together we should require our union officers to follow our Constitution and General Laws.

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