Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Henry Beasley

Just to keep up on the issues of assault, there are 2 previous incidents that did not get added.

11/3 Assault (spitting)
11/4 Assault (spitting and physical contact)
This is #82 and #83.

Recently, it has come to our attention that there seems to be a disagreement with us and management’s committee (CIT).  which stemmed through third parties that we were recently privy to.  I have a lot of respect for union members on that committee, and feel sad that it stooped to the level that it did.

let’s answer questions given concerning these on-going crimes against transit workers.  Let’s start off with talking about the District and its transparency, most folks remember the time they stashed $20 million in a slush fund and took 3% raises, while telling the public they did not have money because of the CBA.  In 2013, statements made to the public that were simply not true ( ), and crimes against workers continue to rise every year since.  Conflating Harassment with assault, is interesting simply because we are not the ones who charge or prosecute assailants, so we aren’t the ones counting anything as harassment.  We use menacing to describe situations that reach that level of a crime, if you want to say that verbal threats are not menacing then please listen to the calls and judge for yourselves; again, we are not the ones who charge the assailants.  Taking the word of the police and the district attorney is fine but understand that they are the ones who determine which direction or terms to use to describe a crime committed, which could be lowered at the desecration of the district attorney.  Be careful about calling out your co-workers for not properly logging or recording incidents, our co-workers do the best possible job with what they are given, from our dispatchers, supervisors, or victims of crime.  Management has their own agenda, which is their right but take it with a grain of salt because, some on that committee have had massive problems when trying to get the simplest information from them, why is that. Remember, this is management’s team, not the union’s team.

Lastly, we will not continue arguing with co-workers over this, because it serves no purpose other than member on member separation on issues we agree are a problem.  So, for the sake further conflicts let us offer to have coffee and have a round table type of discussion, I’ll even offer to buy the first cup.

This offer goes to anyone else who wants to have a lively conversation on other topics (just IM me).

Be vigilant be safe and always communicate

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