Saturday, November 25, 2017

Linda Harris becomes the first female gold grand master in Trimet history

Linda Harris makes Trimet history.

Interestingly enough Trimet executives didn't even notice. 

She had to pick up her own award and announced to whoever was around that she had just became the first female gold grand-master, and of course everyone applauded.

I wonder how much sexism plays a role in this?

Especially after Trimet executives made such a big deal out of JONATHAN BOOS and VICTOR ORNELAS.

But nothing for the first female to join the exclusive ranks of Trimet gold grand master operators proving once and for all woman are just as good as men as transit operators?

Pretty disgraceful if you ask me.

It's gotta be sexism  because I don't see any other explanation.

Addendum: The managers finally tried to persuade her to have a photo op. 

She said 'you just took away my ability to hold back two weeks of my vacation after I have done this superior job, no thanks.'


Steve Fung said...

I must agree.It is disgraceful and sexist.

Adri C said...

How the heck was Cindy not the first?