Sunday, November 26, 2017

Should "we the people" support tax increase referendums?

Citizens are always being asked to hand over their hard earned money to government for various purposes, always advertised to the public as having some public good. 
But we citizens see very little coming back to us if anything at all from all the these tax measures.

There is a very simple litmus test that should be used by every citizen who is voting on tax increase referendums

Weather it's housing, public transportation or anything else this litmus test should  be applied. 

What I’m talking about here is who has control of the money that you’re handing over.
Is it career technocrats? 
Do politicians appoint the people that put their names behind the actions of the appointed technocrats?
If all the funding given by the tax payers falls under the total control of career technocrats or political appointees then any sane citizen would vote no, no matter what pretty picture the technocracy paints of the proposal.

Let's take the latest tax grab foisted on the citizens as an example. $5.3 billion will be removed from the pockets of citizens to pay for whatever. And who is it that controls that $5.3 billion. (You always have to follow the money trail) 

Well look at that. The governor has complete control of the board that decides who and where that $5.3 billion goes.  Just like Trimet! Isn't that interesting!

Unless the following groups are allowed onto the governing body then citizens should always vote no.

In regards to  transit related tax measures

  A position(s) for a  person who is genuinely Transit dependent, people that actually use the services.

A position(s) on the board for unions, the people actually doing the work.

  A position(s) for the public at large, the people paying the Taxes

A position(s) for the local advocacy groups representing economically disadvantaged citizens.

Without ‘real people’ participating in decisions it’s foolhardy to hand over your hard earned cash

The aristocracy is highly skilled at propaganda techniques, they promise the world and never deliver, at all levels of government

The public has to wake up to this gigantic con game.

At the federal level the aristocracy is planning huge tax cuts for the wealthiest among us. Meanwhile at the local level citizens are being asked to approve an array of regressive tax measures which hit the poorest among us the hardest.

Stop falling for this scam once and for all

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