Saturday, December 4, 2021



17/40 "any warming shelters" "they don't give us those resources"

72/34 "god dammit" leader in technology 4/67 skateboard yobs 12/71 "the clown got on my bus" 73/36 ditch refused communication problems

12/02 see's the guy that spit on his window 57/74 wheelchair faces back of the bus (just drive) dispatch says NOPE 4/67 "cussing people out" 12/72 L/V got off on SANDYYYYY

96/74 says keep her in the ditch 19/04 who knows what he's worried about here MIKE TIME (3) 10/02 ditch refused 75/17 "verbally accosting others"

74/37 "sexually aggressive towards me" 71/01 KTA 79/34 "she's having a fight with her demons" 20/38 "drunk being obnoxious"

33/11 "beating on the side of my bus" 4/67 ramp makes contact with shelter 57/70 "rider did art project in the seat"

33/08 "rider swinging on the handle bars" "he says he will continue to swing" while he drinks 2/08 mirrors 20/68 "car pulled into the side of me"

54/75 "call these things when they happen" (why don't drivers know this?) "oh hi the super mighty" 33 bus says 99 bus left riders behind 99 responds

71/01 another mask drama nothing to do with the operator tho 54/75-FALL "she was very agitated and screamed at me" poor driver 77/37 unresponsive he's dead-not kidding

9/38 was PULLED from service MIKE TIME (2) 71/02 "the Camaro that hit me is parked here" 20/01 smoking on board-won't leave

2/02 vs 2/42 12/38 "a car thief just jumped on my bus" he ran off the bus MIKE TIME 71/02 "my vehicle has been hit they took off" dispatch short staffed too

"13 down 9 minutes to HOS violation" LOL One of these days there will be a crash here 72/34 leader in tech "did anybody see what just happened?" ran into bus

72/38 wants to leave an unkempt man in the ditch went back to the ditch 20/01-FALL-bus was moving missed the turns

8/03 family emergency "typical men they don't want to go to the doctor" 94/67 "my leader left people behind I honked at him to stop" 94/78 "I didn't see anybody"


7243 Ditch Refusal! Get off my bus .

Road Sup to 7243 for ditch removal.

7243 Meet sup at North Terminal.

7236 Guy smashing things with a hammer at CTC. DONOTBOARD!

901 Homeless Kart blocks parking.

7102 Homeless Fire in the shelter ditch.

667 3 guys set something on fire . They’re running.

SHOULDA JUST DROVE--402 Loud&Verbal Fares!!!! Tie it up!

1234 Mirrors H&R!

6605 ⁦ raking in the OT $$$

4868 Biohazard in the shelter

JUST DRIVE----469 Spilt coffee

JUST DRIVE THE COPS ARE NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS ---3313 Homeless taken of the bus shelter.

7239 Police Emergency Guy who assaulted me yesterday is at the stop.

7239 Snoozing

JUST DRIVE- 1508 Homeless taken over the shelter.

5774 Operator struck an animal earlier & sees it.

5774 Right in front of animal shelter.

1402 ADA left his groceries on purpose.

1705 Customer conduct. Threw stuff & hit a passenger in the back.

1705 He threw a full jar on peanut butter.

7235 Mentally Disposed! Good Background!

7236 Major ADA drama & she’s taking pictures. I told her she can’t take pictures on Trimet.

7236 She says I’m being recorded & a bad bus driver.

242 Gets 1st week of December for vacation.

1402 Supervisor will come get the groceries.

7503 Pootie got beat up at Milwaukie TC.


1268 Drunk INTHEDITCH & exposing himself.

7341 Customer Conduct He’s a Biohazard DONOTBOARD!

7518 Biohazard Blood

242 Biohazard ADA Smells!

242 Biohazard Open windows do to smell.

5768 Want it on record. Chewed me out & took my bus number.

ACT OF VIOLENCE AND NOT ALL DRIVERS KILL THEM ALL----2069 Wagon full of stuff! Operator left INTHEDITCH!!! Dispatch says board him.



7247 Guy with a pallet stopping the bus.

7204 Clear of the area!

902 ADA fell over. No securement.

1403 Mirrors

THE WALKING DEAD-------9671 Just Drive!

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