Wednesday, February 1, 2023

JAN 31


8/02-ditch refusal wants ambo "she's nuts and doesn't want to freeze to death" ambo says GET IN THE DITCH 72/46 who cares drive 71/38 BUS VS CAR

15/11 lost 70/04 lost 57/77 man in the middle of the road/doomed 20/36-"he's beating up the bus" 17/08 FALL

72/06-child in shopping cart, driver thinks its kidnapping 9/42--🅵🅴🅽🆃🅰🅽🆈🅻! "I want to get home and they want to get home" HE'S DRIVING!

72/38-"why did you pass him"---"I had a green light" LOL! love this shit--72/37 "why did you leave 8 minutes late" its "recovery time" not break time-also SOP says skip stop

72/38-COVERT at the end of the clip there is something strange I can't tell what's going on here "there's nothing going on" FX BUS NO HEAT 6/71 woman request ambo

DITCH IS REFUSED won't follow trimet autoritah BANNED TO THE TRIMET DITCH they shut the whole bus down senior citizen operator in car

BACKGROUND transport the operator

72/37-bus trade DENIED! 94/76-why didn't you stop? --"it was dangerous" 30 mins to next bus 75/14 gave him the ditch and he pulled a knife what did this driver just say?


2/66 is funny FX BUS FAIL "I'll honk before leaving" "for shutes and giggles" 54/76 missed the turn

train 85 will be CANCELLED and the train "stashed"

TRAIN 82-"announcements are blasting full blast and I can't operate like this" "cut the wire" cut the train in 1/2 train 69-belligerent rider BACKGROUND attempting assault

"not cool" TPD arrives he's long gone

TRAIN 82-"announcements are blasting full blast and I can't operate like this" "cut the wire" cut the train in 1/2 train 69-belligerent rider BACKGROUND attempting assault

2/48-"I am such a dork" 20/74 chocolate milk hazard "was it like a gallon of chocolate milk?" 2/46-get that bus out of my way FX TSP FAILURE

Train 69 left without permission

36/67-"I'm having an off day" 55/36-dead wheelchair 9/42-guy passed out in his car

7339 3 guys starting a shelter fire 82nd & Powell. Very cold INTHEDITCH tonight.

1436 Fight broke out on the bus ACID #

Road sup pulling up to line 14. Police on scene.

1436 Supervisor told me to go back to garage. Finish your last trip.

736 Sweep the Green line Gateway to Clackamas.

1511 Green line shuttle to take green line passengers to Clackamas? ETA & they look cold…

4867 Near miss scooter

5467 Damn Doors

5434 Operator wants homeless encampment moved out of Oregon City.

1510 Bus was where it was supposed to be & trapped & late.

5467 I’m Goona be late

5467 Damn Doors I don’t think I should drive the bus .

No fares would be great! Would love it if all of trimet within the city were fare-free. It seems like the only way to get critical mass adoption. Whatever they're doing today isn't working.

MAX Green Line disrupted due to a switch issue near Gateway TC. Shuttle buses serving between Gateway TC to SE Main St. MAX Green Line only running between Clackamas Town Center TC and SE Main St. Board MAX Blue or Red lines for service W of Gateway TC. Transfer...

UPDATE: MAX Blue Line resuming normal operation following an earlier disruption due to a switch issue near Gateway/NE 99th Ave Transit Center. Expect delays through 3:30 p.m. as service is restored.

412 Reserved Seat

4870 Damn Doors

5275 Damn Doors

5467 I hope I didn’t sound rude.

7868 Hey Jason what’s up!

BLANKET!------1502 Sleeping

3667 Damn Doors

7209 Didn’t go down to the island & didn’t call in. You can get written up.

263 Spitting on the floor no shoes & screw driver in his hand trying to bust the window. No supervisor available.

263 He’s pretty much out of it & fluid all over the floor.

4767 Fares

5536 Mobility device stuck on the road

942 Guy passed out at the wheel in dodge sedan.

Train 83 Biohazard on my lead car

Train 83 Person asleep passed out in the chair & puking

Train 83 Need security at Clackamas. Get the individual off car 214.

Train 83 Individual payed hands on our security. Cut out the doors close to the problem area.

Train 83 Vomit covered clothing closet to the cab. Use the trailing car.

Train 83 ACAP Flip the breakers

Train 83 214 Bravo Breaker 10-13

ENTERTAINING DRIVER----5534 This stupid lift made stupid noise

1935 Busted shelter glass. Would it pop the tires?

243 Fentanyl (Chemical Exposure) on the bus . Air it out.

4867 Stop the bus & talk to me.

253 Crazy Guy threw coffee at my window.

2075 No Relief

7141 Customer Conduct Bring out the dog . KTA Pets are supposed to be in carriers.

BAD BUS DRIVERS THAT RUIN EVERYONE---7141 KTA How did you make the determination between pet & service animal ?

258 FX mechanical Kneeling

1902 Busted Shelter

2402 Dump the cattle 🐄 at Alder & 2nd

“ easiest money you’ll make i”at Trimet” It’s a “warming bus”

3567 Can’t make the turn around illegally parked car

2069 Send Crisis Response team for self harm


We FOIA'd 2,600+ TriMet survey responses for an article about the proposed fare increase. Grab the new issue, if you want to know what the results are! + an exciting new monthly column covering all things labor in Oregon

This isn’t frequent. It’s terrible.

I'll explain some of the logic over dinner, but basic gist, during the morning hours, it should be frequent to get people into downtown. Since Covid I am not sure that still applies.

“Frequent service” Uh huh…

"Good" transit is debatable. I use trimet a lot but it's impractical for a lot of trips, especially late at night and when you're not going in and out of downtown. Frequency is abysmal, transfers take forever. Backyards are a big reason why: not enough density

Or they don't show up at all like today. Trimet sucks.

I ride the Blue Max during peak hours & I am struggling to find one reason to back this Red expansion.

Why can trimet never ever ever run on time??? Love sitting idly on a train that’s not moving and is 20 minutes overdue

Nope, it’s because Trimet cannot find anyone to work for them anymore. This used to be 15 minutes or less service.

CLICK---->TriMet's "Tactical "Thinking" Ticket Checkers" of 2023? We'll see if the law allows.

I really believe in public transit and want to support it as a public service but employing police state tactics seems a little extra

giant team of fare enforcers are out at Hollywood transit center. Strategy is two fare collector's check while two goons block exits. Then there are a minimum of four additional outside the bus for some reason? Good thing they checked everyone for their $2.50

is "giving" free rides on 2/4 so they're sending out there goin squad to collect everyone's $2.50 to make up for the lost income lol

minimum 8 fare inspectors at Hollywood Transit center working in teams of four, two fare inspectors, two goons blocking the exits. Imagine being so concerned with $2.50 you literally block the doors in case someone tries to leave.

One icy morning my car slid into the center of the street. A bus was barreling down on me, my life was over. But that bus driver swerved into oncoming traffic, driving them to the shoulder and missing me by inches. I can’t thank that hero so I’ll just thank you, Dan.

TriMet loves to pretend 20-40 minute headways are “frequent service.” I often end up walking places when I’m in Portland bc it’s faster.

it's extremely funny to see TriMet honoring Rosa Parks by offering fare free rides while also planning to hike fares like, "yes, we acknowledge the role fares play in harming and excluding marginalized people from transit but we still intend to make it worse with fare hikes."

I can see this presented to Trimet's vig managers. "We will turn the screws on poors and POCs to make our payment sirs."

Had anyone noticed the busses talking about “it’s required to ride with valid fare” lately? #trimet

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