Tuesday, February 21, 2023



12/42-𝗕𝗟𝗔𝗡𝗞𝗘𝗧! and another one laying on the chair 2/66-"some lunatic on the bridge frolicking around"

4/12-"threatening and hollering" slight background-he's rolling for now-"he's now sitting on my bike rack" 4/02-"bullet hole" in shelter 2/56 needs ditch removal

19/02-ditch is refused he wants ambo-"spasms" transported 8/02 spots THE DOOMED "its a person without a place to go" SEND 100 BILLION TO UKRAINE!

15/11 bus v bus "she said I will see you next week at the exact same spot" "talk to your manager" 2/48-"she's crying and says she needs medical" dispatch says she has to answer questions before she will send it she pissed on the bus

12/42 is lost 20/73 rider wants medical "feeling really sick and is gonna throw up" he puked run is filled 9/46-𝗡𝗢𝗖𝗘𝗕𝗢

75/17-"she was trying to hit riders with an empty bottle" 𝗚𝗥𝗘𝗚! "he was kicked off" tell him to call 238-ride


1/36-"its jammed packed did anything happen to my leader" "yes" 66/02 no heat 24/02 going the wrong way 68/02 metal plates in the road could cause bus damage

2/61-𝐅𝐗-𝐅𝐀𝐈𝐋! BUS BRIDGE he's not enthusiastic 19/34 is lost (all these newbies are getting lost) 30/35 customer service calling-driver says all's good

30/35-"did you speak with the supervisor b4 you left" "I didn't see the road supervisor" "we need a road sup to talk to you due to the nature of the complaint"

52/74-"I need the police here now he's giving me the finger" "I don't need a supervisor I need the police he just hit the windshield" - -driver is hysterical, someone moved him out of the way

"9/41 to Portland" 79/34 is lost 84/34 going in the wrong direction 72/44 the doomed couldn't get on out of breath

7336 Ditch refused at end of the line.

7336 2 Sups in route! Head to the break room

7734 The Mechanic is with me right now.

YOUR FUCKING JOB IS TO DRIVE CRAZY PEOPLE AROUND-WITHOUT CRAZY PEOPLE YOU GOT NO JOB---7518 Do I have to let crazy people on the bus or leave them in the ditch?

1037 Grabbed the wrong pouch.

1245 Not a priority!

6267 Electric bus blues

6267 Electric Bus

1245 Not a priority!

7667 Loud&Verbal Good Background!

7667 6 Still on board. Curtailment at Washington square.

8502 Leader in Technology

2067 Lisa Ex station agent having a difficult day. She’s loud & obnoxious.

2067 Lisa got off & waiting for the 75.

DITCH WAS ACCEPTED--1437 Drinking beer & throwing empties into the street & all over the bus

2467 Any air freshener?

1237 Loud&Verbal Background!!! Beating her self up.

1237 She says she will be ok.

HE THINKS THE POLICE WILL GO TO CHECK THIS GUY OUT? -HOW BOUT NO---4469 Ax in his hands & looks really nervous.

RIPPY FAVORITE---7510 Lean 3 tents lined up & one tipped over

HE ROLLS AROUND WHILE SHE DRIVES--7735 Frequent passenger is a Jem & refuses securement.

TriMet max run is CANCELLED


THE DOOMED---1205 Welfare check

Max operator gets no breaks OMG people are stealing Trimet electricity to charge their phones 15/06-man selling clothes OMG So absurd NOCEBO right at

870 Welfare check in wheelchair

REAL HUMANITARIAN--9671 Drunk passed out in the back.

5768 Thomas needs medical for passenger who hit his back.

5768 Thomas has medical responding.

5768 The guy just left & ran off.

2070 Biohazard Piss Bus

7934 Mobility device laying in the street

7934 Refused medical & wants on my bus

2072 Car cut in front of bus & people on the floor need medical . He’s pale & on his back.

2072 People would like off. Secure your bus

9113 Send 9111 to 2072 9116 can do drug test.

9116 Taking involved bus back to merlo.

VERBALLY ABUSIVE -607 Customer Conduct

Train 4 U -Haul Truck Blocking at 170th Bus Bridge coming & make announcements

9502 West bound operator go to the yard. Turn backs at 162nd & help with customer service.

2287 Waiting on shuttle bus. ETA is 15 minutes.

9914 Taping up the truck & talk to police about it. ETA on tow?

Make announcements your turning back & let relief take it.

9502 9527 Could not get padlock unlocked

Train 85 Individuals got on with shopping kart & new luggage. They hit someone.


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