Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seattle Metro news

Chad, would you care to comment on all this? I thought everything was going along fine up there and now this comes out of the blue?

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Jeff Welch said...

It's actually not all that sudden. The issue has been out there since the economy started taking a nosedive. Unfortunately our spineless politicians have kept punting the financial ball down the road waiting for the funding problem to "solve itself".

It hasn't.

punkrawker4783 said...

Well, they have been whittling away at service here and there, and it was said a year ago that there was a major shortfall for 2012-2013 (our budgets are for 2 year periods). They were talking about it when I hired on. They just never mentioned their actual course of action, or what to expect.

Now, they have. I think they were hoping the slight slice of hope of the economy turing around would have soften the blow, but the economy isnt rebounding as quick. So now it's plan B.

Now its up to the Council to pass a $20 car tab fee, which speculation is they won't (Needs a super majorty to pass, that is 6/9, problem is 4/9 are Republicans). If they don't pass then it goes to voters in Nov, who pretty much have voiced they will shoot it down. If all fails, I'm predicting I've got until June, any time after that would just be a miracle.