Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Saturday, October 15, 2011


A driver called me and asked me to post this.

Apparently Trimet sends a large crew of fare inspectors to the Jen Weld stop on the night of the soccer games in order to cite all the fans that did not get off at 10th, as that is the last stop in fare-less square.

He said he has seen as many as 20 fare inspectors citing soccer fans.

In his opinion it is entrapment and predatory, and he feels very sorry for the poor fans that are subjected to this type of behavior by a government agency that is supposed to be helping the public, not hurting the public.


Erik H. said...

In his opinion it is entrapment and predatory,

Can you name one example of a TriMet employee, or any law enforcement officer, stating that it is OK to proceed PAST the Galleria/10th station without a valid fare?

Never mind the numerous signs posted along Galleria/10th station, many of which are intentionally displayed so as to be viewable from within the train.

Never mind the audible announcements that play before arriving at the station that clearly state "This stop is the last stop in the Free Rail Zone."

Never mind the various signs posted at other stations within the Free Rail Zone clearly stating that Galleria/10th is the last station and that Jeld-Wen Field is clearly within Fare Zone 1.

Never mind that the fact that Jeld-Wen Field is outside the Free Rail Zone has been heavily publicized by both TriMet and the Portland Timbers organization.

The claim of "entrapment" is grossly exaggerated. It is only predatory because TriMet is obviously putting its resources into a problem it knows exists - fare evaders thinking "it's only one stop".

Of course, the solution is to eliminate the Free Rail Zone altogether. There is absolutely NO REASON why any TriMet rider should think they deserve a "free" ride. Bus riders who ride a comparable distance anywhere, even downtown, are expected to cough up the $2. whatever the new fare is, even if they are travelling just six blocks. MAX riders, and Portland Timbers fans (who clearly are not short on change, given the costs they incurred to buy tickets, then to buy beer at inflated prices, Timbers-themed apparel and memorabilia) need to pay their fare share.

Stop your whining. If you can't afford a MAX fare, you sure as hell shouldn't be at a Timbers game. You got caught breaking the rules you knew existed. Pay the price. I shouldn't have to pay for your ride because you won't.

Max said...

I (gasp) agree with Erik here. I'd also add that TriMet's timbers shuttle bus from the transit mall isn't free either.

Al M said...

Didn't they used to give free transit rides to the people that were going to PGE park?

My opinion is that it is predatory, it's one stop for crying out loud.

Set up your sting over at Goose Hollow!

It's definitely opportunistic, that much is for sure.

Al M said...

I do agree the free rail zone is an abomination right now with service cuts and fare increases.

Al M said...

Also why are they bothering to run and pay for a special shuttle bus?

Why don't they just make the light rail fareless to the stupid park?

It's ridiculous.

It is predatory, wolves waiting for unsuspecting gazelles.

Ross Wrede said...

A few points to consider:

Jeld Wen Field, home of the Timbers was subsidized by the taxpayers.

Ticket prices for a single game range from $15 to $75. Plus the cost of overpriced hot dogs and beer most fans will pay.

If those idiots can't afford to chip in a couple bucks to pay for their ride to the stadium then they do have the option of staying home.

What a bunch of whiners!!

Erik H. said...
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Erik H. said...

My opinion is that it is predatory, it's one stop for crying out loud.

The same could be argued for fare inspectors to work at Sunset TC westbound or Washington Park eastbound, especially since it's just ONE stop yet it requires an all-zone fare to travel those 3.2 miles.

Yet, Sunset TC is a favorite for fare inspectors.

At least there (at Washington Park) I don't see as much signage that informs riders that a 2 zone ticket OR a zone 1 pass is NOT valid going westbound. I was just at Washington Park a couple hours ago...there is not any signage (other than the standard route map signage) that says you MUST buy an all-zone ticket to proceed west, even if just to Sunset TC. At Galleria/10th it is crystal clear that you must have a fare for any passenger going beyond that station.

Nor is there any signage at Sunset TC advising riders that an All Zone fare or pass must be used eastbound. And to doesn't make sense why one has to pay extra to go 3.2 miles east than to go from Sunset TC to Millikan Way (also 3.2 miles), or for that matter all the way to Hillsboro, 12.25 miles to the west.
It's that kind of crap that makes TriMet's fare system ridiculous. It should be either a flat fare, fare per time travelled (i.e. $2.00 for two hours), fare per boarding ($2.00 gets you on board, ride as long as you remain on the same vehicle)...

Of course, what would make sense is a peak-hour surcharge...or a surcharge for all trips that enter or leave downtown Portland (defined as all stations Goose Hollow to Lloyd Center inclusive, including Rose Quarter/Interstate). Any trip that is within this zone is charged the regular fare, as is any trip outside of this zone.

Al M said...

OK so I am alone in agreeing with the driver that sent this to me.

I agree with him, it's predatory because the fare inspectors are taking advantage of a bunch of idiotic sports fans.

Nedwell said...

Al, the Timbers do offer FREE TriMet day passes for game days to Timbers season ticket holders as part of their ticket package. (It's what I use to get to and from matches.) That's more than 65% of all Timber game attendees that theoretically could have their fare taken care of.

At last Friday's game I saw the swarm of fare inspectors waiting at the Jeld-Wen stop, meeting our Max car coming from downtown.

Previously, during the summer, the inspectors would board at 10th and loudly announce that they'd be looking for proof of fare when the Max left 10th. About a quarter of the passengers would typically get off at this point!

Erik H. said...

Sorry Al but I'm sticking with my opinion that these idiots that missed the 15,208 messages about having to have a fare to Jeld-Wen Field deserve a huge fine.

They are folks who are likely well educated. They are folks that have higher than average incomes. They are folks that more often than not are familiar with TriMet. They are folks that can read a freakin big black and white sign with two inch print. They can hear announcements that clearly say "A valid fare is required beyond this stop."

At what point should TriMet issue warnings? If TriMet only issues warnings to these folks, isn't it discriminatory to cite a poor person who rides a bus just one stop without a fare? It's just like the situation downtown - now that the City of Portland has allowed ONE group of people to camp in a park, now the City has a new crisis because any other person who camps in a park or stays after dark is going to claim discrimination - and rightfully so. It's just like the homeless camp that has sprung up at 4th and Burnside - how can the city say "Yes" to one group of people, but "No" to another?

That's why the whole Free Rail Zone is problematic...NO ONE should get a free ride, PERIOD. If one person does, than everyone does. It's TriMet's own damn fault they've created the bus-versus-rail divide. It's TriMet's fault that they've created this fare zone debacle. But the rule is the rule, and these Timbers fans are clearly flaunting the rule.

I have no sympathy for these folks that know they're breaking the rules. They can afford the $100 or whatever ticket it is for their blatant stupidity. Don't like it? Walk. Ride your bike. I have to pay my damn fare each time I ride the bus - even if I'm downtown in what used to be Fareless Square, so boo hoo that they don't think it's fair.

I can't wait to see the long line out of the building where these hearing officers work...which is great because I believe it's the same building I work in. I'll be laughing at them.