Sunday, October 30, 2011

I thought the TVMs were supposed to be working...

So I take my son Carter downtown to check out the Amtrak 40th Anniversary train.  I decide to take MAX in from the Sunset TC since I was planning on doing some other things in Beaverton on my return.

On my return trip, the cash TVM at Pioneer Courthouse Square westbound was broken.  OK, I'll give TriMet a pass here.  I walk over to the new Finnegan's Toys & Games, then to Galleria & 10th.  The cash machine there is broken too.  WTF?

So I call 238-RIDE.  I press option '5' to report a broken TVM.  It plays through the spiel and right as it's supposed to put me to a mailbox...I hear the TriMet duh-duh-duh-da-duh jingle and the menu starts over.  Now I can't even report a broken machine?

So, TriMet's officially out $1.50 because I tried to be a good guy and pay the fare even though my son just turned seven a few months ago.  What happened to the machines that were supposed to be working?

1 comment:

Al M said...

Isn't it a 95% working rate?
Gee whiz, I guess their stats are wrong, again.