Friday, October 28, 2011

1087 transit professionals graduate-some with honors!

Congratulations to all 1,087 bus transportation employees who completed the 2011 recertification campaign! On Thursday, October 27, the 131st and final class completed the recertification which focused on some vital safety concepts - how, when and where to scan. Operators were instructed to:

· Scan before they get to a turn

· During their turn

· After completion of their turn

· One other key point trainers focused on - instructing operators to go into turns slower, especially the tight left and right hand turns. This allows plenty of time to do these three scans properly.

Midway through the campaign data showed operators who had completed the class received 10 percent fewer safety-related customer complaints than those not-yet recertified. In all, 1,022 bus operators and 65 managers/supervisors completed the training.

photo:(removed due to I could get fired I guess)

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