Wednesday, October 26, 2011


warns of $12 million to $17 million budget gap, asks public for help dealing with red ink

board member Steve Clarke brings up phantom of WES cut as "example" of everythign on the table

McFarlane: Suggests maybe another fare increase in early 2012 instead of Sept.

My guess: proposed #trimet fare transfer idea is now stuck in the mud.

McFarlane: LIFT fare increases will be put back on table as result

f TriMet cut its full $12m shortfall from service, it'd be a worse cut than 2010's devastating round

McFarlane: "all hands on deck mentality." everything looked at for cuts, with "riders' benefits coming first."

McFarlane: Budget problems "presume" there will be at least a 5 cent fare increase next year, maybe more.

deHamel: Easy cutting decisions long gone.

In past 3 years, #trimet cut 13% of bus service, 10% MAX service. More coming?

deHamel: Expecting $4 million less in federal funding in FY 2013. Usually gets $40-45 million a year

finance director Beth deHamel: Recent union board ruling eliminated potential savings in union contract of $5-10 million.

McFarlane: after decades at #trimet "not sure I’ve ever seen so many forces of uncertainty coming together

Neil McFarlane: #trimet thoroughly reviewing bus, MAX injury incidents in Washington County this week.

Tomorrow, all #trimet drivers will have gone through recertification program sparked by Sandi Day striking 5 pedestrians in 2010

board still waiting for quorum, eight min after meeting was supposed to start. Not good role model for buses running on time

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