Friday, October 21, 2011

WELCOME TO THE BUREAUCRACY RANDY (keep on hiring new execs Neil, we are rolling in $$$)

I am pleased to welcome Randy Stedman to the TriMet family. Randy has been selected as TriMet’s new Executive Director of Labor Relations and Human Resources. Randy has over 30 years of human resources and labor relations experience and has spent the last nine years at Workplace Practices Group where he was the Founding Principal.
With nearly 85% of our workforce represented and with my desire to strengthen our relationship with the Amalgamated Transit Union, it’s more important than ever to have someone with Randy’s skills at the agency. His experience in building healthy relationships with labor unions and his strong background in human resources will make him a great addition to our current skilled HR team. His expertise in maintaining a highly-qualified and energized workforce will be invaluable to our agency as we work through these challenges together.
Randy’s primary responsibilities will be overseeing our labor relations and managing the Human Resources and Workforce Development departments. All will be located on the second floor here at Center Street. Randy’s first day at TriMet is November 14, 2011.
I know that you will join me in welcoming Randy to his new role here at TriMet.
Neil (Mcfarlane)

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Al M said...

I'm beginning to think that Neil has no skills at all because he needs to keep on hiring new executives to do the job he is supposed to be doing.

Nedwell said...

So, how does that work? Does Mr. Stedman keep his interest in WPG (where he was the founder)as he works as a paid Trimet employee?

WPG's very bland website never really tells what detailed services they offer corporations. Could it be they are one of the several area consulting firms that offer union busting and defeat of union certification?