Sunday, June 5, 2011


1.0 Purpose:
This procedure outlines how to back up the bus.
2.0 Procedures:
1. Get out of the bus and check for potential hazards around the vehicle.
2. Turn on emergency flashers and sound horn.
3. Check mirrors on both sides continually while backing the bus. Remember to bob and weave or rock and roll (lean) in your seat as you scan to increase what you see in your mirrors, and to see around visual barriers.
IMPORTANT NOTE: You are responsible if an accident occurs when backing the bus, even if you use a spotter.

Can you design an electrical Substation Triennial Testing Service? Then this is for you!

TriMet: Bidding Opportunities

Weird Trimet videos

YouTube - Trimet PSA

Arresting on duty Trimet employees

Average rides per trip per line

How to die in Oregon-an HBO documentary worth seeing

How to die in Oregon from al m on Vimeo.

HBO documentary

Canada Post Workers Begin Rotating Strikes


Layover at Union Station

I drove a 9 hour #33 today.I enjoyed my layovers at the train station.

Portland Starlight Parade (complete version)

Portland Starlight Parade from al m on Vimeo.
A 2LonelyGuys Production

Union Blues

Things are starting to get a little nasty it seems between Chris Day and some union officers.
It's my opinion that Chris is not interested in "union bashing" and I know for a fact that I am not interested in union bashing.

Lets get this straight, if the union bottom line for this month is -$25,000.00 and the year to date figure which was reported last month was -$150,000 then the year to date bottom line figure for this month has to be -$175,000! Now if the figure that is reported is -$230,000  then something is wrong, or needs a very concise explanation.

Is that union bashing?


Financial terrorists about to take over Portugal

The next government inherits a record jobless rate of 12.6 percent and an anticipated economic contraction of 4 percent over the next two years in what is already one of Europe's poorest countries. Necessary welfare and pay cuts, tax hikes and promises of strikes from trade unions will also present tough challenges

Social Democrats Win In Portugal Election : NPR

Dr. Cornel West: Greetings From a 21st-Century Prophet

For even after the world swooned from the megahype of England's latest royal wedding and the hip, hip, hurrah of President Obama's ordered assassination of Osama bin Laden, a cornucopia of catastrophic socioeconomic horrors - in addition to America's continued unpreparedness for natural disaster - still face this nation: endless war, long-term unemployment, swelling prison populations and multiple years of record-breaking home foreclosures. 
It would seem money is tight, except when it comes to finding $100 million a day to drop bombs on Libya. That's a peculiarity that serves as proof that, no matter how supposedly broke the country is, the American government seems to always have a blank check handy for certain things, such as the ambiguous and wildly unsuccessful war on drugs, and the war on terror. 

McJobs: Fast food career the new American dream?

Starlight Parade

2011.06.05 Portland Starlight Parade
Star Wars at the Portland Starlight Parade 2011
Star Wars Portland starlight parade
2011 Rose Festival Starlight Parade , Portland Juggling Club
Rotary PDX Starlight parade
Brazilian beat at the starlight parade , Portland ,
Starlight parade portland oregon
Starlight parade portland oregon
2011 Rose Festival Starlight Parade , One More Time Around Again Marching Band
2011 Rose Festival Starlight Parade , High School Marching Band
2011 Rose Festival Starlight Parade , Square Dancing
Portland Starlight Run 2011
2011 Rose Festival Starlight Parade , High School Marching Band
2011 Rose Festival Starlight Parade , Oldies 106.7
2011 Rose Festival Starlight Parade , Budweiser Team

Crazy shit happened on MAX last night

YouTube - Portland MAX Rave

YouTube - Only in Portland!

YouTube - Flash-Rave on Max Train

Shut Up, TriMet!

I realize you are interested in not having any more buses crash into innocent pedestrians, but do your fucking buses have to talk so damn loud? I dutifully commute on your buses everyday, and all I want to do is read a book in peace. But your buses have to loudly announce every stop inside AND outside of the bus. Not only must I tolerate every semi-bathed rider of the bus along with poorly-parented ill-behaved children, crazy people talking too loud, cell phone chatters and other horrible dregs of society, now your stupid buses talk too! Can't you just teach your drivers to drive instead of making your buses yell in two different languages?
Shut Up, TriMet! | I, Anonymous

And Baby Makes Three (or More)

Posted by Anonymous on Thu, May 26, 2011 at 12:55 PM 

What's with all the baby carriages on Tri-Met? They take up enough space for 3 more people and most of the time the "drivers" of these large space sucking pieces of future landfill are just using the damn thing to lug around more crap then they'll ever need. Ever try actually holding your baby? S/he wants more than anything to be held and not some excuse for you to over-accessorize. So yeah, don't do it for me and all the other passengers who have nowhere to sit because you got spunk in your vag and popped one out. Do it for the kid. Peace.

And Baby Makes Three (or More) | I, Anonymous


I'm listening to the dispatch calls from yesterday and the number of buses out of service due to coolant leaks is unreal!