Friday, June 17, 2011

Why in the world are the Trimet big wheels fighting this?

Jefferson Smith isn't trying to bully TriMet
He just thinks Oregon's largest transit agency needs an occasional elbow to the ribs to get it to sit up straight and be a good neighbor.
 Unfortunately, he's probably right. 
Incident between MAX and ped (ped OK) at convention center; Harry Saporta going

Dwight Botel

Trimet wants safety? Then why don't they have one of these?

SamTrans has invested in a bus simulator that its drivers get extra training on throughout the year. The simulator puts drivers in emergency situations in real time so that they will be better prepared out on the streets.

SamTrans also has a leadership program and supervisor academy to offer its employees the opportunity to grow with the public agency.

Currently, SamTrans is ready to install about $8 million worth of new fareboxes on the buses, another job that is done in-house.

The new fareboxes will give change receipts and recognize Clipper cards.

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A Perspective from Portland, Oregon

This from Portland Afoot: TriMet president: Board members shape policy by email. While one can argue that there are circumstances that may be served well enough by the convenience of email - it ought to be obvious that nothing substitutes for face-to-face discussions among board members. This use of emails seems to be nothing more than a way to avoid ordinary results that come from a truly independent board. Transparency and accountability suffers.

Public policy shaping ought to be accomplished only within an open meeting forum where attendees can experience the entire context

Guy on trimet won't get off
Woman wants to bring large iguana onto MAX; control says no

The world class rants of GERALD CELENTE

Indiana Supreme Court gives police carte blanche to kick in doors; no warrant needed.
Celente explains why he wants his money to stay at home.
Little Iceland stood up, can’t you?
Cancer, cigarettes, cell phones, Coke or Pepsi, tune into the Cartoon News Network (CNN)

City: TriMet pass program for high schoolers is dead

The great bee swarm of 2011

On 40th Anniversary, Carter Calls for End to U.S. Drug War

Today marks the 40th anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s declaration of the so-called "war on drugs." Activists are marking the date with renewed calls for an end to U.S.-backed policies of criminalization. In an opinion piece in The New York Times called, "Call Off the Global Drug War," former President Jimmy Carter writes that the Obama administration should heed the call of a high-level panel that declared the so-called "war on drugs" a failure, and urged governments to consider legalizing substances, including marijuana.


A Taxi Trend: Ford Transit Connect Compressed Natural Gas Taxis Heading to Los ...


Safety around the world

At least 28 dead in Southern Sudan bus crash

Forget your clothes

Speaking of bicycles and, well, naked people on bicycles, Saturday night brings the annual World Naked Bike Ride. (Yep, it’s that time of year again). The ride, which is described as “a light-hearted protest against fossil fuel” that attracted about 10,000 riders last year, starts at Southeast Water Avenue and Salmon Street and rolls through downtown Portland into Northwest and other parts of the city. Gather at 9 p.m. The ride starts at 10 p.m. If you’re ready to throw it all off and ride, don’t forget to read the rules. If you're driving, consider yourself warned. 

Report: Typical City Bus Contains,20735/


This is America's future, one of government-induced privation and societal misery. Study the dominant social themes of the elite, its recent fear-based promotions, and one begins to get a sense more fully of what is being prepared. The signs are increasingly visible. Throughout last week Western markets and media focused on a warning from Standard and Poor's (S&P), which downgraded the US debt outlook from stable to negative for the first time in 70 years. Will maintream financial media still continue to use the ludicrous term "risk-free Treasury paper?"

The Daily Bell - IMF Austerity Is Headed to America – Watch Out!

MTA bus driver suspended for 15th time was hired after DWI conviction

Cash-strapped Muni defends severance pay for chief

San Francisco transportation officials Thursday defended the proposal to pay Muni chief Nathaniel Ford a $384,000 severance package for an early exit, even as the cash-strapped agency is set to raise the cost of the monthly transit pass and parking fees.

(and the executive class continues its rape of the middle and lower class)

Getting money for operations

Rantings of a Trimet bus driver

June 16

Sometimes,one has to go fishing

One of the many ponds along I-84 out by Hood river and the Dalles that hold bass,perch and trout.

How much longer do we have to put up with this safety hazard?

The construction of this "bike and ride" has been going on for 2 months now! It is obstructing a very crucial entrance/exit of the Beaverton Transit center.

Buses can't get in/out of BTC without extreme caution as not only are buses trying to get by each other but pedestrians are unable to use that sidewalk!

Stop talking about safety and do something positive about making our environment safe.  This here is an accident waiting to happen!

Why using the microphones is dangerous

Notice how far the mike is from my face
My whole body must contort to get to the mike