Monday, June 27, 2011

AK Rucker program starts

Teens Learn Value Of Hard Work Through TriMet Program · OPB News

At least 16 killed when Indonesian passenger bus plunges into river

28 dead after Bolivia bus plunges off road

How to properly reduce transit expenses

Notice how they have clearly delineated the cuts.
Chicago Transit Authority cuts managers, trims $15 mil. | Transportation | Crain's Chicago Business

"Locking" transit funding

New York Passes Transit Lockbox Bill – AltTransport: Your Guide to Smarter Ways of Getting Around

Another rail operator gets cancer

Reliable sources have informed us that another light rail operator has come down with stomach cancer. One has to wonder where all these cases of stomach cancer are coming from? The job maybe?

Using our tax money for everything except US citizens

In news from Africa, the Pentagon is planning to send nearly $45 million in military equipment, including four small drones, to Uganda and Burundi as part of the U.S. effort to battle Islamic militants in Somalia. The military package includes four small, shoulder-launched Raven drones, body armor, night-vision gear, communications and heavy construction equipment, generators and surveillance systems. The U.S. military is also sending aid to a number of other African nations including Mauritania, Djibouti, Kenya and Mali.

Firefighters Train to Respond Quickly & Efficiently to MAX Light-Rail Incidents

Republicans not happy with Tribune story on light rail expansion

NW Republican: Portland Tribune Drops Ball On Major Story

Kinda blew it huh?

Some Line 44 stops are closed in North Portland 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. today due to Sunday Parkways. by trimet/responses follow:

Milwaukie Open House at 6 tonight, TriMet launches live cameras of construction

Man killed by MAX train at East Burnside and 122nd Avenue in Portland 'a clear suicide,' investigators say

Man killed by MAX train at East Burnside and 122nd Avenue in Portland 'a clear suicide,' investigators say |
Ore. transit train death believed to be suicide - Times Union
MaxRedline: Don't Go Losing Your Head
Pedestrian struck and killed by MAX train | Portland

Suspended Agitation

They'll love him in all those peculiar little countries where people wear hats that look like rat-traps and flavor their beer with the cocoons of nectar-sipping moths. They'll enjoy it when he forecloses on them, and maybe even ask for more. "Here, take our grandchildren's baby teeth, too!" I wish him and his beautiful family well in their new life as distinguished private citizens-of-the-world. I just hope Michele Bachmann and her probable running mate, Jesus, don't steal the next election. They'll rip out the Obamas' vegetable garden and put a Nascar track there so that all of Ms. Bachmann's 27 children can have jobs selling miniature bibles in the parking lot. ("Prayed over by qualified preachers twenty-four hours a day!")
Clusterfuck Nation

Getting people out of their cars

Europe Stifles Drivers in Favor of Mass Transit and Walking -

Notes on bus songs

Holy shit!

The train was pulling into the station when it struck the man, who reportedly fell under the train and was decapitated.
MAX train kills pedestrian at East Burnside and 122nd Avenue in Portland |

Uh Oh!

According to Joe Rose, the person hit was not a pedestrian but someone standing too close to the train on the strip. And the man has been killed.

Friends for Bruce!/photo.php?fbid=1886909056399&set=o.219034084788912&type=1&theater

Complete Bullshit

TriMet's Old Bus Wraps

Meanwhile, there is no money for ANYTHING, but we get THIS:

TriMet begins work on first new Willamette bridge in 40 years
(The total insanity of our world is right before our eyes, yet what can be done?)

Unions may be heading into the ashbin of US history

Labor fights a sure thing in uncertain economy -

Jack Bogdanski editorials

Assassinating Riddell -- tin foil helmet edition
Flooded Omaha nuke plant now on emergency power
Portland Sunday bulletways
At Fuku, a big cup of alkalinity down
Standing in the shadows
Network smells blood on Kroger

Opponents of Amtrak privatization point to Britain

Leaders in East Pierce discuss cutting ties with Pierce Transit

Fucking over transit professionals

Cap Metro to vote today on putting bus operations in private hands