Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How many months has this bike&ride been under construction?

Major L.A. study shows importance of bike-transit connection


Feds are on my case over immigration jail floor plan (Jack Bog's Blog)


Operator A hears an over the air communication between a Trimet dispatcher and a Trimet bus driver, operator C.
The communication is very interesting so operator A decides to post this communication for others to hear.
Any member of the public can listen/record and publish this sort of thing.
Operator A does not identify operator C, nor does operator A even know the identity of operator C.
Operator C is embarrassed so operator C goes to management and asks if they would approach operator A and remove the posting.
Operator A has never once ignored a request from the management so the post is removed.
Trimet management decides to discipline operator A in any event.

Operator D publishes operator A address, image, employee number  and consciously conducts a libelous campaign against operator A.  This campaign goes on for years.
Other operators avoid operator A because of operator D libelous campaign.
Operator A informs the Trimet management that operator D is causing him emotional distress.
Trimet management does nothing.
The question is, why is operator A disciplined but operator D allowed to continue?

Is this supposed to be a joke?

This is some of the art that will be going in with the new light rail.
If you don't believe me go to this link HERE!

Trimet golfers!

Stone Creek Golf Tournament August 6th at 1:30pm
Look for flyers in your garage or Yard for more details


The more pain inflicted on average people the higher stock prices go!
We are indeed living inside a Fellini movie and the world has indeed gone mad.


YouTube - ‪Athens Riot Madness: Video of explosions, tear gas in Greece‬‏
YouTube - Till debt do us part: Kofinas LIVE from rioting revolting Athens
YouTube - Greek leader 'dead man walking', Greek bailout 'collective punishment'
YouTube - Greece Barricades: 'We don't owe! We don't sell! We don't pay!'
Greece anti-austerity protest turns violent - Press TV News
Greek Parliament Approves $40B Bailout; Some Economists Predict Vote Will Worsen the Recession
Inside Greek’s General Strike: Video Report From Athens As Thousands Protest Sweeping Austerity Cuts

How to properly manage a transit district

CTA Cuts 54 Jobs, Saves $15 Million As It Holds Off On Big Projects

Don't run after transit buses!

Staten Island schoolgirl killed in dash for city bus |

Jefferson Transit chooses new general manager

US lags on BRT

When it's done properly, bus rapid transit -- known as BRT -- ranks among the cheapest and quickest ways to cut CO2 emissions from transportation.

U.S. Lags Behind China, Colombia in Bus Rapid Transit -

Fake Trimet security officer selling bogus tickets

Pedestrian hit by cab just after getting off the bus

Washington County Museum

On my layover at PCC Rock Creek,I walked the Japanese Internment Exhibit yesterday.

More MAX video

Rantings-June 28

What about those European cities trying to make driving cars impossible?

The Daily Bell - The Times' kudos to European Petty Tyrants