Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fire on the max westside at Murray

Light rail face-off cancels BCC meeting


"Planning by the River"

‪Tina Turner - Rolling on the river (1971) (Proud Mary)‬‏ - YouTube
I found a fat job in the city
There's a new scam every night and day
And I never lost a minute of sleep
Worrying 'bout the way they were gonna pay.

Big River keep on flowing
Big Budget keep on growing
I be Planning, Planning, Planning by the River.

If you come down to the river

Bet you gonna find a project or two
And we never worry 'bout the phony budget
We just get it started, 'til the money comes through

Big River keep on flowing

Big Budget keep on growing,
We be Planning, Planning, Planning by the River.

Seattle residents line up to support transit

‪Line outside Metro bus service cut hearing‬‏

Ask not what your country can do for you


Anybody actually have a "trimet luggage tag"? We need to see one of those

Just a reminder, the deadline to to submit your stories about what you like best about riding MAX Red Line to PDX Airport is July 18. Send them in an email to by the deadline and you’ll receive a TriMet luggage tag! Your story may be featured on too.

What YouTube is like in hell

It has only one video.

Stealwaveraptor cracking me up!

The two latest communications, in response to my "dude, your cracking me up!"
Im glad you think so. But reality says its no joke these folks want my life.
Just keep watchen I need witness like you
Stealthwaveraptor world here!




RSA-Not enough time to get through traffic lights at rail crossing intersections-RESPONSE

We contacted the City of Portland and received this response: “Our amber times are based on the safe stopping distance for the speed of the approach and grade. When amber times are increased beyond the normally calculated times, driver behavior changes and more drivers push the amber, having learned that the time has increased. We have a 3 second amber at Jefferson and Columbia which is consistent with most of the signals in the CBD. There is an additional second of all red prior to the opposing vehicle or train getting the green or solid white bar after the side street amber.” The duration of the light will not be changed at this time, based on concerns about driver behavior.

RSA-OSHA Violation of driver's seat safety-THE RESPONSE:

We have met with OSHA and discussed bus seats with them; they are satisfied with our level of maintenance. However, the Bus Operators are an important part of this maintenance; we need for you to report any maintenance issue with a bus you drive so it can be repaired. You have also included a concern about ADA accommodations. I encourage you to work with HR and your Supervisor to resolve this issue; HR has an established process and will be able to guide you through it.

RSA- Dirty buses - health hazard-the response:

Due to budget cuts we have eliminated our bus interior cleaner positions (6). Buses were cleaned by them every 35-45 days when fully staffed. Currently we use the cyclone vacuum system at all three shops on every bus. The vacuum seals the front door. We crack a rear window. We use an air wand to blow all dirt and debris forward and it is sucked out the front door area. We mop buses on an "as needed basis" but if staffing is adequate we mop every bus on an odd/even basis. We dust dashes, wipe steering wheels, look for graffiti and clean. The buses are almost as clean as before. Anytime you have a particular bus you see as a problem you can write a defect card and we will address your specific concerns.
4/1/11 Forwarded to Safety for review.


The list of all the "safety" requests and what was done about them!

Jim Hightower


The world of Stealthwaveraptor

I've been getting some emails from "stealthwaveraptor", the guy that does those weird Trimet movies.
These are his emails in response to my comments on his "weird" videos.

-You can see many vids show all trains intercepting me and going over tressel
-They won't be laughing in court
-It took me by surprise even though it happens daily. Bus drivers don't normally come on foot

The assholes in charge of our government

Obama: No Guarantee of Social Security Checks if Talks Fail

Speaking to CBS News, President Obama said he cannot guarantee Social Security checks will be mailed out if an agreement fails.

Fast buses

Portland brags about its bike culture?

ITDP | Institute for Transportation and Development Policy : News : The Biggest, Baddest Bike-Share in the World: Hangzhou China

U.S. Cities Reinventing Buses as Modern, Efficient, and Effective

Of course Portland and Trimet are going in the opposite direction.

Spanish city will swap your old car for a lifetime travel pass

Ottawa retires its last high floor bus


Local News | Crowd lines up to oppose Metro bus cuts | Seattle Times Newspaper

Pierce transit news

Pierce Transit cutting nearly 190 positions amid budget shortfall | Business - The News Tribune

C-TRAN news

C-Tran panels will create sales tax arguments | The Columbian

If you work at NY's MTA your making good $$$$$$$$$$$$$

MTA payroll rises even as its workforce declines in number by 1.1 percent -

Protesters shut down BART

BART: Next time, 'zero tolerance' for disruptions

July 12 rant


Spell check not available on bus 1834.