Tuesday, July 19, 2011

52 driver hit in the head by garbage can thrown by irate passenger!

2 bikes inside fence 4 bikes outside the fence

Safety first!

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A Humble Suggestion to Improve Beaverton Transit Center

By a different way, Trimet means the way they prefer. Just last month, Maus summarized results from a large study in Los Angeles that concluded,
Survey respondents overwhelmingly said that being allowed to take their bike on the train influenced their decision to travel by bike and rail. Of the 477 people who responded to the question, 65 percent chose “allowed to take bike on train” as a factor that influenced their decision. (my emphasis)

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No summer for us, scorching heat across the USA

Authorities are warning the heat wave currently gripping states in the Midwest could prove deadly. The heat index in parts of Minnesota reached 123 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday. The National Weather Service has called the rising temperatures and humidity in the Midwest “the most significant heat-wave the region has experienced in at least the last five years." So far this month, more than 1,000 high-temperature records have been broken across the country.

Portland A-Foot looks into the fare evasion issue

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Mr 'Safety' (aka Neil Macfarlane) expected to make big announcement

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Is Bruce Hansen The Right Choice?

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Punkrawker needs to work at TRIMET

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Your blogger buddies are encouraging fellow blogger Chad Solomon to apply as a Mini Runner at the #1 Transit agency in the wide wide world, TRIMET!


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Safety is my life!

Good luck trying to find a job in Portland

Oregon June jobs report shows the state remains in recession's grip |


Trimet has spent $1.4 million tax dollars to create these bike and rides. That turns out to be $3627 per bike space!


The newest dirt on TriMet

The results found an alarming amount of bacteria present on all plates, yet TriMet is cutting its cleaning staff. Shouldn't companies be held accountable for keeping their facilities clean? Many complain over a dirty table or restroom at a restaurant, and those who find the environment unsuitable may choose to go to a different eating establishment.
But, as far as public transportation goes, there is no other choice for Portlanders. Herein lies the issue—TriMet has recently reduced the amount of cleaning employees—thereby reducing the frequency the buses are thoroughly cleaned. The result is that buses are hotbeds for germs and viruses.
Germs on wheels - Vanguard - Portland State University

Waiting for my #15 bus

VLOG ENTRY 7/18/11


A Car is a Luxury, Transit is a Need

Not all Metro Drivers make the top scale, or make $60k a year. I am a Part Time operator, got this job after 16 months of unemployment a little over a year ago. I make $19.93/hour for my first 2 years. My regular shift has ranged in the last year from 2.5 hours to 3.35 hours per DAY! I am able to scrounge for extra work, and I get some here and there. Like over 1000 of my co-workers, I am on track to make around $20,000 this year (many will make less, very few will make more). According to all of you, this apparently calls for a wage reduction, because I am living the high life in my room I rent.

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