Monday, July 25, 2011

Tom Hall for governor

Feerless Leader Recieves Commendation

Good job Al!

Layover-Beaverton TC

! People everywhere! Driver's room insane! 1 of the worst places for a layover!

BTC bike&ride report-

2 in storage/1 outside


RUNNER UP-MAX SERVICE AT          41,200,200 trips
DEAD LAST IS THE PUNY WES AT          370,800 trips

Dangerous offender: man jailed indefinitely for attack on bus driver

Transit authority hits end of the line!

. The KRM project fell victim to a tough economic climate where officials would not support construction of new transit systems as bus service is being cut back, said Karl Ostby, chairman of the Southeast Wisconsin RTA.

Creating a 'culture' of safety

Rose Quarter

Max Faqs


TriMet ridership tops 100 million mark again
I love watching our ministry of propaganda doing its spinning, it's fascinating to me. And I always give credit where credit is due. This public service agency really has perfected the art of spin, my hats off to you in the propaganda department. Todays news release starts off with (you'll never guess), the HUGE WES increases! Of course if you have 100 riders and get 50 more that is a 50% increase, hurrah for WES!
Of course the big disappointment is the bus service, alas, broken down, germ infested, late or never even showing up at all , that bus service will be the death of Trimet huh? (sic) 

You coming to work these days?

June saw a noted improvement in Operations Department attendance. The summer attendance campaign is continuing through the months of July and August.
Why is good attendance important for our organization? On the maintenance side, strong attendance means:
• Our daily maintenance needs are met. Absences prevent work from being completed as scheduled.
• By being here and performing your job at the highest level, you serve our customers who depend on our service to get to work, home, and manage their lives. You can take pride in the work you perform daily and appreciate the impact you have on the metropolitan area. The public appreciates what you do.
• When journey workers and service workers aren’t here as expected, it puts a burden on other members of the work group to get critical needs met.
• You are missed when you are not here. Your daily contribution to the overall mission is critical to our success in maintenance.
Our “In it to win it” attendance incentive is about reminding everyone of the impact of absenteeism on our daily business. By increasing our attendance we improve our service and our workplace. Thank you for your

Watch out Dumbasses!

The Transportation Safety Committee recently noted that frequent Operator injuries have occurred while Operators are stepping on or off the bus. Operators are reminded to please use caution when manuveuring the high step on an off the bus in the yard.
If you have a question or concern about this safety reminder or any safety issue, feel free to contact a Transportation Safety Committee representative at your garage:
• Center Street: Dowell Kearney, Laverne Martin
• Powell: Brian Runyan, Joyce Ray
• Merlo: Patti Pellegrin, Jan Lamascus
Safety is great unless you’re late.

Nobody Knows Anything

Here in the pitiful tweet-sphere that contains the atomized remnants of USA governance, there is no such clarity. We don't know if that's spaghetti hitting a wall or the shit hitting the fan. But due to the amazing obduracy of the parties involved, the next sound you hear may just be the wall itself tumbling down, perhaps even the famous wall with the famous street attached.
James Howard Kunstler

Football is the priority of our broken and twisted culture

Winners and losers in the NFL labor deal - ESPN Chicago

2012 ATU757 Elections

Nominations of candidates will be held on the first regular union meeting in May 2012 at 7:30pm as set forth by the Financial Secretary-Treasurer. Names of the nominated members shall be recorded at the time of nomination by the Financial Secretary-Treasurer/Recording Secretary and shall be placed on the ballot in alphabetical order. Chick here for a list of all ATU757 elected Offices.

Is safety a value here?

Safety is great unless you’re late.

Oregonian editorial board

TriMet finally taking action

Fascinating video of bullet train disaster in China

Anger in China as bodies 'fall from carriages' during train crash clean-up - Telegraph

Woman fights transit system

Winston-Salem woman fights public transportation battle |

Opening up transit court proceedings

New York Civil Liberties Union fought a good fight to open Transit Authority's court to the public

The place where I learned how to drive a bus now provides 'official' transit program

UMass, Hartford bus company offer transit training -

Bus vs Rail debate

Rising cost of Purple Line reignites bus vs. rail fight | Liz Farmer | Local | Washington Examiner

Rail Fail

Passengers rescued from sweltering train stalled in Westport - Connecticut Post

Layover at Meridian Park Hospital

There is a picnic table in the shade where one can enjoy their lunch with peace and quiet.