Tuesday, February 22, 2011


An open bus as Sunset Transit Center last night was raided by some teenagers who smeared dog feces all over the driver's seat!
Dispatch asked the driver to bring it back to the garage!
Obviously the driver objected!
A union rep had to be called in to negotiate the terms of bus retrieval!
Things are getting bad out here folks!
There are no buses, no replacement drivers, and conditions keep getting worse!


Ross Wrede said...

So what happened? Did they clean or replace the seat before the bus was moved?

Al M said...

They put plastic around the seat and got some extra board person to drive it back!
Mechanics wouldn't drive it either!

Erik H. said...

I would have driven the bus not to Merlo, but to Center Street, and parked it right at the front door to the Ivory Tower.

No, not at the spotter's shack. Literally, right at the front door to TriMet World Headquarters, right there in the V.I.P. parking lot.