Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Oregon elites are trying to rob citizens with this phony "transportation" bill

By all objective measures Trimet has been a miserable failure over the last 10 years. 
Billions and billions have been spent on light rail and ridership is slowly declining.
 Service quality is horrendous and the Trimet board and management deaf to the needs of the citizens.

Will the legislature shove this rotten transportation bill down our throats? 
The fact that they are avoiding a public vote speaks volumes. 
They know the public doesn't support this so they are attempting to back door the taxes onto citizens backs to service special interests.
That is what Trimet has been doing for the last decade, serving special interests and filling the pockets of Trimet executives in the process.


Steve Fung said...

Great letter from the ATU 757.

White Shirt said...

Finally a voice of reason and well written.