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Yet more weird TriMet service alerts

NOTE: Many of these alerts were written by dispatchers who are not expected to be language experts, may not have time to proofread, and make mistakes like all humans.  They may have many other tasks in progress at the moment, such as dealing with buses that are already stuck due to the blockage or situations elsewhere.  While those errors probably should be forgiven, they can cause confusion or problems for those who try to follow them.

#4 #6 #14 #15 The hawthorne bridge is currently closed.... please use your bridge closure detour until further notice Thank you!

#4 #6 #14 #15 OK, so there are filming on the Hawthorne Bridge. you can use the bridge use caution and if buses are blocked try to get the attention of the police on scene, this is going on until 5pm.

#20 Today is the Pride Parade today from 11:00-15:00 Line 20 To Gresham Transit Center: Regular route to west. Burnside & 11th (go around the local access barricade at 13th) right 11th left Stark left 6th right west. Burnside And regular route.

#9 Line 9- Please use caution at the intersection of 122nd and Powell Westbound, 911 partially blocking and can use the left turn lane to get around.

#33 #75 Please use your 24th and Harrison train detour until further notice.

#17 #20 #77 Lines 17, 20 and 77 you should be on yr parade detour.

#9 Line 9 Broadway and MLK stop is closed until 6p or clear today.
[It's been the 17 for years now]

#34 #79 Lines 34, 79 Please follow your hardcopy detour at Portland and Dartmouth.

#57 Line 57 to Beaverton Transit Center, there is a blocking accident. regular route to TV HWY and Brookwood right Brookwood take the third exit at the traffic circle which is Alexander left 234th ( which is the next stop sign) right TV HWY and regular route until clear.

#52 LINE 52 information: paving has finished on Farmington. Stops AND temporary Stops have been removed.

#4 Line 4 use Item 121st on hardcopy detour sheet until further notice (train blocking Gideon)

#1 #4 #8 #9 #12 #17 #19 #30 #35 #36 #44 #54 #56 #94 #99 Downtown buses. Due to construction on Oak. Use caution on 5th and Oak, auto traffic is turning right from auto lane onto Oak and going across transit way to go into hotel parking.

#9 #17 Lines 9 & 17. Use caution on Tilikum bridge, due to maintenance personal walking in the roadway.

#16 LINE 16 to Sauvies Island ONLY: due to a police action closing Everett please use the train blocking detour Item #113.

#4 #8 #35 #44 #77 Steel Br buses please use your Bridge detour. until further notice.

#4 #44 Lines 4 & 44 inbound detour: Regular route to Vancouver and Broadway, right Broadway to cross Broadway bridge into Broadway, left Everett, right 5th and regular route.
[the turn onto Broadway is illegal]

#15 Line 15 please use your Timbers detour in both directions.

#4 #6 #12 #15 #16 #17 #19 #20 #35 #44 #54 #56 START THE GRAND FLORAL detour NOW PLEASE!!!

#4 Grand Floral Line 4 TO PORTLAND Via north Vancouver & Russell left NE Russell right MLK Jr. (use Line 6 stops to Multnomah) veer left Hancock St barricade continue Grand southbound (protected lane) right Multnomah (use Line 8 stop) left Wheeler Regular route.

#12 Grand Floral Line 12 TO PARKROSE Via regular route to 6th and Pine continue 6th (use Line 4 stops) right Everett (use Line 4 stops) continue Steel Bridge left Interstate right Wheeler (use Line 4 stop) right Multnomah (use Line 8 stops to 9th) right 11th (use line 70 stops to Couch) left Lloyd right 12th right Couch left 11th left Burnside and regular route.

#66 Line 66 detour: Regular route to Hasley and Hollywood, continue Halsey, left 47th, left Sandy, veer right Tillamook, right 42nd and regular route.
[Line 66 ends at Hollywood TC]

#75 #77 No service to Hollywood Transit Center until further notice.
 No service to stops between Hollywood and 42nd and Broadway at 37th.
[Where is Hollywood and 42nd?]

#73 Line 73 northbound on 122nd there is a blocking accident at 122nd and Powell, regular route 122 and Powell right Powell left 129th left Divivison right 122nd and regular route until clear.
[129th may look like it goes through, but at least for motor vehicles it doesn't]

#4 Line 4. due to blocking truck on your detour at missississippi and Beech, continue regular route at beech inbound. until further notice.

#33 #71 Update Lines 33, 71 northbound Regular route to Kind and 82nd then continue 82nd, left Johnson Cr, left Bell, right King and regular route. until further notice.
[Should be "right Bell and regular" for Line 71]

#75 For trips to Portland, no stops at Lombard at Wabash or Lombard at Villard due to a blocking accident. Use stops before or after.
[Line 75 doesn't go to Portland]

#75 Line 75 back on the detour on Lombard.

#6 Update 20:37 Line 6 start the Gertz detour to JB.

All MAX lines are holding for a Steel Bridge lift. Significant delays continue.

#22 #23 #25 Line 25- detour outbound to 185th and Pine. Regular route to Glisan and 181st, continue across 181st, Left on oregon,Left on 178th, Left on 181st and regular route.
#22 #23 #25 Line 25- detour to Gateway. Regular route to 181st and and 178th, Left 178th, Right Oregon, Right on Glisan and regular route to 181st and Glisan.
[neither of these routings make sense]

#33 There is a block accident northbound ONLY on Mcloughlin at Concord. Line 33 northbound regular route Mcloughlin at Concord. left Vineyard right River Road right Oak Grove right Rupert Drive left Oak Grove left Mcloughlin and regular route until clear. Blocking accident at Mcloughlin and Concord northbound.

#75 Line 75 detour TO PIER PARK Regular route to Hollywood Transit Center right NE Halsey (use Line 77 stops) left 57th (use Line 71 stops) left Fremont (use Line 24 stops) right 42nd & regular route.

#77 No service to stops between NW 23rd at Thurman and NW Vaughn at 24th.
[there are no stops between those two]

#4 #70 8:50 Lines 4 & 70 train blocking Gideon use your hardcopy detour Item # 121.

#67 Line 67 detour regular route to the kiss and ride. continue Merlo Road right 170th right Menlo Drive left Merlo road pull just across the cross walk the has a light to it and honk to get the supervisor's attention. until further notice.

#6 Line 6 to JB Regular route to Columbia and 4th then continue Columbia to left 2nd, right Madison and regular route. until further notice.
[this is the old route that was deemed unsafe]

#16 Line 16 to Sauvie Island Starlight Parade detour - NO detour.

#19 Line 19 To Gateway Starlight Parade detour - Regular route to SW 6th and Pine continue NW 6th (use line 4 stops to steel bridge) right Everett continue Steel Bridge right NE Lloyd right MLK JR. (Use line 6 stop) left east Burnside and regular route.
[not sure which Line 6 stop they meant since the only one is right before Burnside]

#19 Line 19 To Portland Starlight Parade detour - Regular route to NE Couch and Grand right Grand (use line 6 stop) left Lloyd(move to right lane) veer right NE 1st left Multnomah left Wheeler veer right Rose Quarter Transit Center (use line 8 stop to Burnside) continue Steel Bridge into glisan left 5th(turn into transit way) to burnside continue 5th and regular route.
[no Line 6 stop on that section of Grand]

#77 Line 77 to Montgomery Park Starlight Parade detour Regular route to Glisan and 6th right 6th (watch for MAX at platform) left Hoyt left 11th (use streetcar stop) right Glisan and Regular route.

#75 #77 EXTREME; Caution at Hollywood Transit Center, 1st lane open due to Media. Use the 66th bay for now. until further notice.

#47 #52 #67 Line 47,52,67 Accident Blocking entrance to Pcc Rock Creek - Please use your pcc campus closure reoute until further notice.

#19 For trips to Mt Scott and 112th, no stops between Milwaukie at Bybee and Woodstock at Moreland until further notice.
#19 Line 19- Regular route to Portland. Regular route 28 woodstock, Right 28th into Steel, Left holgate, left 17th, Left McLoughlin Right Bybee exit and Left to Bybee and regular route.
[these are ambiguous regarding trips via 32nd and Rex]

#15 Line 15 Due to Construction on southeast. Yamhill st. at southeast. 69th ave. Your detour runs from 5/31/17 thru 6/3/17 at 7:30 am to 3:30pm.

#15 Line 15 the detour is between 7:30-15:30pm.

#6 LINE 6 to 18th and Jefferson: Due to media presence the stop on 3rd at SW.Madison is CLOSED. until further notice.

#14 Line 14 your dispatcher is aware of the heavy traffic near the Hawthorne Bridge and construction on 50th and Division killing your schedules... am actively working on getting all of you back to normal... what ever that is.

#4 #8 #35 #44 #77 Please use your steel bridge closer detour until further notice.

#75 #77 Hollywood Transit Center IS STILL CLOSED TO BUSES, please follow instructions, someone will let you guys know when it is ok to return to the Transit Center. AT THIS TIME HOLLYWOOD Transit Center IS STILL CLOSED TO BUSES. thank you.

#6 #45 #58 Regular route to Jefferson and 5th left 5th right Clay right 10th left Jefferson and regular route until further notice.
[I thought turning right off of 5th was a no no]

#35 #85 Lines 35, 85 southbound only detour: Regular route to Interstate and Tillamook, continue Interstate to veer right onto Larrabee Ave into Broadway to Interstate & Regular route until clr.
[should be "cross Broadway"]

#77 UPDATE LINE 77 to Troutdale: Regular route to 21st and Thurman, continue THURMAN INTO 20TH right Pettygrove left 21st & Regular route To Mont. Park: Regular route to 21st and Pettygrove, RIGHT-Pettygrove, left 20th (AT THE CHAIN LINK FENCE CONTINUE STRAIGHT AROUND BACK OF BUILDING INTO Thurman to 23rd & Regular route until further notice.

#4 Line 4 detoured Westbound regular route to Division and Ladd, right Ladd, left Hawthorne to right 7th and regular route until clear.
[Hawthorne is one way going the other way there]

#73 Line 73 northbound Regular route to prescott and 97th right 97th stay left of island left Campaign left 99th Stay left of island right Prescott and regular route until further notice.
#73 6:26 Correction southbound Line 73 to 94th and foster Regular route to prescott and 97th right 97th stay left of island left Campaign left 99th Stay left of island right Prescott and regular route until further notice.
#73 6:51 Correction southbound Line 73 to 94th and foster Regular route to prescott 96th right 96th stay left of island left Campaign left 99th Stay left of island right Prescott and regular route until further notice.

#33 Line 33 is detoured due to police action at Oregon City Transit Center TO Clackamas Town Center: Regular route to Main & 10th - drop off and pick up here both directions -./10th, right McLoughlin to Oregon City Transit Center and regular route until further notice.

#79 Line 79 - due to Oregon City Transit Center shut down due to police action leave Clackamas Town Center 3 - 4 min late to eliminate layover time at Oregon City Transit Center and detour TO Oregon City Transit Center:Regular route to McLoughlin & Oregon City Transit Center, continue Mcloughlin, left 10th - drop and pick up passengers, right Main, right McLoughlin and regular route until further notice.

#154 LINE 154 to Willamette: Regular route to 14th and Main, continue 14th, right Mcloughlin (drop outCity passengers under 205th to walk to out. continue Shopping Center) right 205th southbound & Regular route.

#154 To Clackamas Heights: Regular route to I-205 & Mcloughlin, RIGHT Mcloughlin, drop passengers OC Shopping Center, veer right at Firestone Store on north end of OCSC then IMMEDIATE left down ramp to left Clackamette Drive left at McDonalds right Mcloughlin left 14th to Main & Regular route.

#35 Correction: Lines 35 TO Oregon City Transit Center - Access McLoughlin northbound to just past bus stop at Oregon City Shopping Center right (by the Firestone Store) then immediate left to left under McLoughlin to layover near MCDONALDS (not Burger King) on Clackamette Drive Use Oregon City Transit Center times for departure TO U of P.

#32 #34 #35 #154 Lines 32, 34, 35 & 154 - the Oregon City Transit Center is shut down due to police action - Main street from 10th to 14th is blocked - line 33 use 10th to McLoughlin to Clackamas Town Center and reverse to Clackamas Community College - line 32 use 14th to McLoughlin to Milwaukie and reverse to Clackamas Community College - lines 35 & 154 instructions coming in next text for layover.

#4 Line 4 train blocking at 11/12 Use detour Item 121st Until clear.

#70 Line 70 NE 21st is blocked by fire trucks use 33rd between Riverside way and Columbia until further notice detour coming soon.

#33 LINE 33 to Clackamas College: Regular route to 10th and Main (outCity), left 10th into Singer Hill Road right Washington left 5th & Regular route.
[this is the old routing of Line 99 which was deemed unsafe]

#4 #16 #44 #75 UPDATE at 5:39 Lines 4, 16, 44, & 75th please follow the detour in St. Johns even if it looks clear. Thank you!

#4 #70 Lines 4 and 70 there is a train blocking (derailment so it will be a long time) Use Item # 121 detour on Hard copy detour sheet until further notice.

#15 Line 15, 51 Item #150 on your hardcopy detour for Max and Sewer Construction is now CANCELLED. Back to regular route.

#16 Line 16: Please use your blocking train detour until further notice.

#75 Lines-75th out bound from Milwaukie detour due to train blockage at 224th expressway. Regular route to Harrison and Milwaukie expressway, Right Milwaukie expressway, Left Oak st, Left Railroad ave, Right Harrison st. until further notice.
["right Harrison" should be "into 32nd"]

#15 Line 15 due to blocking accident eastbound only detoured: Regular route to 102nd and Washington, Continue 102nd into SE Cherry Blossom Drive, left SE Market St, left SE 117th, right Stark & Regular route until further notice.
[this makes sense for Line 20 but not Line 15]

#20 Line 20 to portland and beaverton the turn lane is closed at 102nd and burnside - you may still turn left using the regular route left lane - just set up for a wide swing. Thanks.

#33 #35 #79 Lines 33, 35, 79 - Just a reminder of your detour in oregon city for the Teddy Bear Parade. Thanks.

#35 #54 #56 Lines 35, 54, 56 due to blockage at Harrison and 5th detour as follows: Regular route to Harrison and 4th, left Mill, right 6th & Regular route until clr (around noonish)
[missing "right 4th" and a direction]

#15 Until 5 a.m., due to construction, no service to eastbound stops on SE Belmont between 26th and Cesar Chavez Blvd, or to westbound stops between 49th and 38th.
[put out at 5:50 AM]

#15 Line 15 To Gateway Transit Center it appears that you can not turn Right onto Belmont FROM CHAVEZ so: continue-Cesar Chavez right Stark right 43rd left Belmont and regular route until further notice.

#72 Line 72 eastbound detour - Regular route to Killingsworth and MLK continue MLK right 15th left Killingsworth and regular route until further notice.
["left Killingsworth" should be "left Alberta"]

#1 #4 #8 #9 #12 #17 #19 #35 #36 #44 #54 #94 #96 #99 All 5th Ave Buses: Slow order of 5 MPH at and near 5th and Main due to construction.

#88 Line 88 To Beaverton Transit Center detour: Regular route to Allen and Murray, continue Allen, left Davis, right Murray and regular route. until further notice.
[this was for the opposite direction]

#34 #79 No service to the northbound stop on Portland Ave at E Dartmouth until 6 p.m.
[put out at 6:35 PM]

#73 Line 73 is detoured to 94th and Foster: Regular route to Sandy and 92nd continue Sandy left 87th left Prescott to 92nd & regular route until further notice.
[the "left 87th" doesn't make sense]

#4 Line 4 detour eastbound only: regular route to Division and 71st, right 71st, left Woodward, left 78th, right Division and Regular route Until clear.
[Woodward is not an improved street through there, and appears to be private property]

#52 Line 52, will short line to west union until further notice.

#44 #75 An operator left their in-pad in a pink case at the pier park layover. Pls leave it in the breakroom, the operator will return to pick it up. Thx Juli.

#12 #19 #20 Lines 12, 19 & 20 please use the Couch heavy traffic detour until further notice.

#71 Line 71, Is back to regular route at 82nd & Causey, There is a flagger that will help you make the left turn from 82nd on to Causey.

#76 There is a line down across Kerr Parkway just south of Grotto prior to Boones Ferry - area supervisor is on the way to get a detour - the line type has not been determined so do not cross until this has been established.
#76 Line 76 is detoured TO LO:Regular route to Kerr & McNary, left McNary, right Monre, right Boones Ferry, left Country Club and regular route. until further notice - line down on Kerr at Grotto.
#76 No service to stops between Country Club at Boones Ferry Rd and Kerr at McNary.
[the middle one should say to turn at the second intersection with McNary; also these were for Line 78 and not 76]

#12 #19 #20 #35 Lines 12, 19, 20, & 35th westbound only detour: please use your Burnside bridge detour in your pouch until further notice.

#33 We have reports that there is a Gray jeep parked on Washington at the corner of Mcloughlin making the right turn difficult. Please use caution and take it slow. We have a unit responding to remove it.

#4 #6 #14 #15 Lines 4,6,14, & 15th: Please use the hard copy detour for east bound (only) Hawthorne Bridge closure until further notice.

#73 Line 73- detour To 94th and Foster Southbound. Regular route to 122nd & Market, Right Market, Left 112th, Left Division Right 122nd and regular route at 122nd Division. Please use caution on 118th and Market due to another accident.

#12 #19 #20 Lines 12, 19, 20 the eastbound west Burnside stop is CLOSED & there is NO temporary stop until further notice.
[West Burnside and where?]

#16 Update at 9:35am Line 16 outbound ONLY due to Doggie Dash Please refer to your train detour on your hard copy detour sheet until further notice.

#16 Line 16: to Portland and City Center: Regular route to Philadelphia and Lombard, right Ivanhoe, right Richmond, left Willamette, left Oswego, left Princeton right Richmond, left Ivanhoe (watch for passengers on Ivanhoe) left Philadelphia and regular route.
[can't turn onto Ivanhoe at Philadelphia and Lombard]

#44 Line 44: to St. Johns, Regular route to Ivanhoe and Charleston, continue Ivanhoe (25mph on Ivanhoe) (watch for passengers on Ivanhoe) right Richmond and regular route.
[going to St. Johns, Richmond is before Charleston so this doesn't work]

#9 #17 USE CAUTION going over the until. Bridge there is workers working on the switches.

#35 Line 35, IF the turn onto Van Houten Ave from Willamette is too tight and you don't think you can make it, it is ok to continue-Willamette right Monteith ave right Harvard to Van Houten and regular route.

#4 #8 #35 #44 #77 Rose Quarter ROUTES: the event at the right Qtr is letting out at this time. Please observe a SLOW ORDER of 5 MPH on Wheeler between Multnomah & Holladay.

#88 Line 88 to Beaverton Transit Center Regular route to 198th and TV Hwy then left TVHy, left 185th, right Murray, left 198th and regular route until further notice.
[185th doesn't lead to Murray, and turning left would send buses in the opposite direction]

#19 Line 19 Due to Police block at 92nd SE Flavel eastbound, detour as follows: out to 92nd and Flavel, left 92nd, to layover on Foster. Leave 5mins to go back to Flavel and resume Your route inbound from 92nd and Flavel westbound on time. until further notice.

#32 #99 For trip's to Clackamas Community College, no service to the stops on Main at 15th or Washington at 14th.
[What's with the ' ?]

#20 Line 20 westbound. only. Paving work on Stark from 220th to 210th. Stops will remain OPEN. Service from travel lane. Flaggers will help passengers across construction area.

#15 Line 15 detour: to Gateway Transit Center- Regular route to Pacific and 99th, right pacific, left glisan, right 102nd and regular route. 7a-5pm today.
#15 Line 15 detour: From Gateway Transit Center- Regular route to 102nd and glisan, left glisan, right 99th, left pacific and regular route. 7a-5pm today.
[the "to/from Gateway" were switched on these]

#17 please remember to lock the facility door after use. there have been reports of the door being left unlocked which will potentially lead to lose of use if it continues.

#12 Line 12 outbound Regular route to Sandy and 41st then left 41st, right Tillamook, right 43rd, left Sandy and regular route. until till clear.
[at least normally, the left turn onto 41st is illegal]

#9 #17 Please use caution in the area of Powell and 136th due to black lab running loose in traffic.

#77 Line 77 to NW:regular route to 47th and Broadway then continue 47th, left Sandy, left 42nd into Hollywood and regular route.
[at least normally, the left turn onto 42nd is illegal]

#33 Line 33 to Clackamas CC Regular route to Harrison and 21st left 21st, right Monroe, right Main, left Jackson and regular route. Until clear from Farmers Market.
[I think "left Jackson" should be "right Jackson"]

#70 Line 70 from Milwaukie: continue Harrison right 21st right Monroe right Main right Jackson and regular route while the farmers market is open.
[I believe this should be "to Milwaukie"]

#6 Line 8 to Winchell : Regular route to Dekum and Grand then right Grand, left Morgan, right MLK and regular route until further notice.

#72 Line 72- Please use caution at the Northbound 82nd and max stop due to fire and medical blocking the front of the stop and the right lane. Please get out and announce to intending passengers alerting them to walk to the back of the stop.

#6 LINE 6 to Jantzen Beach: there will be a shuttle BUS at the 11th layover at Walker & Vancouver Way. Please DROP passengers far side Walker then continue Vancouver Way, right Middlefield right 6th Drive into Walker & lay for time for inbound trip.

#30 Line 30- Dead heading buses from Estacada detoured Please use Eagle Creek to 224th due to down power lines.

#11 Line 11 to Jubitz: Regular route to Marine Drive and 2nd the right 2nd, right south Shore, right 6th and regular route until clear.
["right South Shore" should be "left South Shore"]

#75 Line 75 to Pier Park: Regular route to Albina and Rosa Parks then left Rosa Parks, right Interstate, left Lombard and regular route.
[this works for Line 4 but not Line 75]

#75 Line 4 to Gresham: Regular route to Lombard and I-5 southbound then right I-5 southbound to exit 304th (Rosa Parks) left Rosa Parks, left Albina, right Lombard and regular route.

#20 Line 20 to Gresham - detour Regular route to Burnside and Skyline right Skyline To hwy 26 to Jefferson left 17th left Burnside continue 18th left onto glisan left 23rd left Burnside and regular route.
["left Burnside" should not be there]

#12 if you have a bible that was left on your bus please send a rtt.

#32 Item #155 Eff 5/8/17. ALL HOURS ALL DAYS, AS NEEDED. (OPERATOR DISCRETION. detour for cars parked eastbound Division, farside Molalla Ave.To Milwaukie: Regular route rotue to Molalla and Division, continue Molalla, right Taylor, right 7th. To Clackamas Comm College, Regular route.

WES trains experiencing about 20-minute delays due to signal damage caused by lightning strike.

#52 Line 52 to Beaverton Transit Center regular route to 185th and TV Hwy left TV HWY right 170th right Blanton left 185th and regular route. WATCH FOR BUSES ON BLANTON.

#4 Line 4- detour to Gresham Right Cesar Chavez, Left Powell, Left 50th, Left Divsion.
[should be "right Division"]

#75 Line 75, IF there is a blockage at Cesar Chavez and Halsey watch for the flagger and they will allow you guys to turn from the left lane onto eastbound Halsey. They are talking about stopping the project for tonight...

#77 Line 77 at Halsey and Cesar Chavez watch for flaggers to flag you through the blockage.

#16 Line 16: Please start your train detour at this time.. until further notice.

#15 LINE 15 to Gateway Transit Center ONLY: Regular route to 102nd and Burnside, left 102nd, right 99th left Pacific & Regular route.
["left 102nd" should be "left Burnside"]

#12 #19 #20 Lines 12, 19 & 20 please use your Burnside Bridge closure detour on your hardcopy sheet in both directions.

#8 #77 Lines 8 and 77 please start the outbound detour now in the Rose Quarter area instead of waiting until 8am.

#4 LINE 4 to Gresh Transit Center: Regular route to 71st and Division, right 71st left Powell then jog right 71st left Holgate left 92nd right Division & Regular route To St Johns: Regular route to 92nd and Division, left 92nd right Holgate right 71st left Powell & Jog right 71st left Division & Regular route.
[71st does not go through between Powell and Holgate]

#20 Line 20 to Gresham Transit Center, there is a blocking accident on Stark at 202nd westbound, regular route to Stark and 202nd left 202nd right Burnside left Stark and regular route. Until clear.
["westbound" and the directions are for from Gresham]

#9 Line 9.

#33 Line 33: Outbound to Clackamas Comm. College. UPDATE at 11:20. Due to construction, this route is detoured as follows; Regular route to Main and 10th, right 10th, right McLoughlin until further notice.
[was later corrected to "left McLoughlin"]

#33 Line 33: Outbound to Clackamas Comm. College. Due to construction, this route is detoured as follows; Regular route to Main and 9th, left 9th, right McLoughlin until further notice.
[this detour makes no sense]

#70 Line 70 when you use 13th to Milwaukie 16th and Umatilla MIGHT be blocked. IF it is please follow: right 16th left Harney right 17th and regular route. IF it is not block please go regular route.

#4 #6 #14 Lines 4,6,14.

#33 Expect delays at McLoughlin and Glen Echoes due to flashing red light.

#155 Line 155 Blocking accident Sunnyside and 132nd heading to 172nd detour - Regular route to Sunnyside and 132nd right 132nd left Shannon continue shannon into Ellen drive left Ellen Drive left 139th it loops all the way to sunnyside.
[these directions are missing some turns]

#12 #19 #20 Lines 12,19,20 Please use your Couch detour. until further notice.

#96 LINE 96: please use the detour ITEM #100 using Barbur Blvd between downtown at Capitol Hwy by Barbur Transit Center BOTH DIRECTIONS.

The elevators at the Washington Park MAX Station are out of order until further notice. For help around the closure:
[does that mean the station is closed?]

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