Saturday, August 31, 2019

Bus calls August 30

My leg is hurting
WM passed out

Bus has impediment
Man bending stop signs
Smacked in the head with a bottle
Wanted woman on bus
Crack whore
Bus driver may have hit scooter
Rider upset about early bus pulling off
Bus driver shaken up
Backpack being stolen. But it wasn’t
Driver wants commendation for dispatch
Piss bus
High rise fire

Doesn’t want another SOP violation
He was just yelling at me the whole entire time
Blaring music
Missed the turn
Fails brake test
Fall on bus. Doesn’t look acute
Ginger beer fare evader
Nobody told me to drop off only
Really loud siren thing was going off
Bus driver enduring torture
Is there a maintenance truck. No there isn’t cause trimet. Torture
Always gets bus late
Traffic light out
Has anyone reported the black maleπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ
Door closes on girl
Is there a fluid leak?
Wants to take bookshelf
Passenger stinks
Door torture
Maintenance truck doesn’t show up and fare box is torturing driver
25 disabled people at once
Illegal parking
Tow truck hits mirror
I was thinking I can handle it but I can’t- operator ill
Just drive. No you can’t check ID
No a-c on 2900
Wants to leave bike in break room ❌❌
Rider complains to bus driver about other bus driver
Why are you late. He needed an emergency break due to anxiety attack

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