Friday, August 9, 2019

Bus calls

Junk bus
If u get stuck we’ll come and get you
Parking brake falls apart
The bus started beeping
Wrong over head
Leader in technology my ass
Ghost in the machine
Making homophobic comments

No a/c
Man trying to get run over
It’s important to read your paddle
Can’t find rider
Smoking on bus ❌❌
Gate arm malfunction
Busted for safety stop
PortaPotty drama
Ok to block traffic
No head sign
Stepped off back door now needs medical

I’ve got 1500 people on my bus and someone fell
Bus died. ❌❌
Answer with block number
Fuck the fares
Bus is Cooking
Malfunctioning gates
🤢 bus
Loud verbal
Lewd gestures
Junk farebox
Don’t go into BTC even tho everyone is there
Yield going on when turning
Bus in bike lane
Worried about kid
Rip off rider
CAD fail
What’s fallback
51/01 needs 51/02
Can’t get on bus
Piss bus
Ramp fail

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