Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Neal Berlin commentary

Just got done watching the TriMet Board Meetings, the one part the board directors are falling all over themselves to heap praise upon CEO Doug The Desk and justify his 5% pay raise, $15,000, retroactive back to July.  Makes proud to see that all their Bobble Heads are working.  Our great hope for some change in the discussion of really looking at TriMet operations, Union relationships and making sure the taxpayers are getting their money worth, Etc.  Director Ms Wai, has been dashed by statement on the justification of the 5% raise.  I know we are just pissing into the wind when try to educate the public at large of what is going on at TriMet but I do find some comfort that we are not completely alone, even if you and me!  Make sure you have raincoat on when take a TriMet piss, I always have it on.

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