Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Trimet pork barrel report

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Dougie's performance report
He’s so good
$3.8 million for the electric bus public relations nonsense
Contract started at $50k, now it’s at $2.7 million and counting, all for furniture
$3 million for ‘on call’ contractors for cctv stuff. Cause Trimet staff doesn’t do that or course
Exemption from competitive bidding for the $200million red line extension. I still think this is a total scam since all the tracks are already there
$9.8 million dollars for the ‘steel bridge’ which is constantly under repair and constantly failing.SCAM ALERT
$2.5 million for some ridiculous bullshit
An additional 2 million because Trimet has so much cash they can hand it out indiscriminately
The Division street pork barrel that is being shoved down our throats funded by the state tax grab
All the properties that gonna get messed up due to the division gentrification
Trimet industrial complex

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