Thursday, September 8, 2011

TriMet's crackdown overloads court system

The flood of people stretching the system beyond capacity has become known as "TriMet Tuesdays" where the court system deals with an unexpected amount of people who didn't pay to ride on the MAX. It's an unexpected consequence of TriMet's new get-tough policy.
The line of people this Tuesday spilled out onto the Justice Center’s steps. They were there because TriMet has hired more fare inspectors and deployed more “get-tough” patrols – tickets now outnumber warnings, 3 to 1.
This Tuesday there were 358 tickets to process and standing room only in the courtroom.
“They did it all at once and they didn’t stop to think about what the downstream affects would be,” said Multnomah County Court administrator Doug Bray. 

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Steve Fung said...

Check out Scott Qazaz's remarks on the comments.He goes as Double Think.