Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trimet under review-by Neil Macfarlane

Every three years, the Federal Transit Administration conducts a review -- making sure we are following the rules, regulations and guidance that we agree to when we accept federal funding. The review looks at a wide variety of TriMet business functions, from preventative maintenance, to procurement. The reviewers include staff from FTA region 10, as well as a team of contractors hired to do this special work. A great deal of the work is done prior to the actual review visit -- and we have some champions in the Finance Division, and helpers throughout the agency who did an A+ job on the pre-work. I mention this because it lets me share my philosophy about this -- my hope is that we are 'A' students when it comes to following these rules and regulations. We ask a lot of our federal partners, and we receive a lot in federal funds. Paying close attention to the regulations shows our respect for that, but it also builds trust with the federal government, so that they KNOW an investment in TriMet programs will be well spent. Now, I know the regs are complex, and sometimes honest misunderstandings occur, but still -- my expectation is 'A' student status overall -- and a reputation with FTA as the well-run, hardworking transit agency that we are. thanks and Best Regards Neil

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