Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DAMN! I thought I was going to win this year!

I would like you to join me in congratulating the first recipients of the General Manager’s Safety and Service Excellence Awards:  Jose Borquez, Assistant Maintenance Supervisor;
Jessica Bucciarelli, Employee Communications Coordinator; Allen Morgan, Transportation Operations Training Manager; Brian Runyan, Bus Operator; Chris Tucker, Customer Service Manager; and Erik Van Hagen, Deputy General Counsel.

I chose these individuals because they have passion for their work and embody service excellence. Jose is the person coworkers reach out to when they have new ideas. Jessica is devoted to ensuring employees have all the information they need and that their ideas and suggestions have a place to be heard. Brian has taken the reins of the Operator Safety Committee and it is more energized than ever. Chris is a problem-solver who enthusiastically takes on new projects and makes them a success. Allen is the one who said “sure” when asked to develop an 8-hour bus operator recertification program that as of today more than 75% of bus operators have taken.  Erik has become TriMet’s number one advocate when he represents us in court and his record proves it.
These six employees are examples of TriMet’s finest. They believe in TriMet, come to work every day with energy and expertise and give their all.  This award is a way to share with all employees the importance of each of their contributions.

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