Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The sudden appearance of yet another "dumb bus driver" story on the mainstream media has many of us wondering about the motives behind it.

As one of my colleagues pointed out, there has been none of this type of story appearing in the media for some time now. Remember the last flurry of these "dumb bus driver" media events occurred during the contract negotiations.

The stories stopped appearing after the implementation of the Macfarlanes health care plan and the upcoming arbitration.

After TRIMET management loses it's unfair labor practice and loses the #1 rating there just happens to appear yet another story on the mainstream media about a dumb bus driver.

You don't have to be a logistics professor to notice the connection here. Especially since a bus driver on a cell phone is NOT NEWS, its just another dumb bus driver on the road, who cares?

It's becoming very clear that these stories are coming from TRIMET management themselves, will full cooperation of the corporate media, either to humiliate the drivers or distract the public from management misdeeds.

Remember Marshall McLuhan "The medium is the message".

A dumb bus driver is not news. A dumb bus driver getting into a serious accident is news. There is no news here.

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