Friday, September 30, 2011

Piling more shit on Operators-SOPB808

0 Purpose:
This procedure outlines how to park the bus and the requirements for doing so at layovers.
2.0 Procedures:
1. Make layovers only in authorized locations.
2. If your layover is at a bus stop, your doors must remain open to allow customer to board the bus. The only exceptions to the open door policy are as follows:

• North Terminal: Keep bus doors closed and do not allow customers to board at any time when laying over at North Terminal.
• Condition Red: Buses must be secured with doors closed when unattended during Condition Red. No riders are allowed on buses without the operator present during Condition Red.
• Any other security or safety concern at a layover, close your doors and notify dispatch: Press RTT – Please Call me and SEND.
3. Set parking brake. When the bus doors are open, an interlock that secures the bus wheels is activated. For your safety and the safety of others, you must always use the parking brake to secure the bus. The interlock system is not a parking or emergency brake.
4. Shift to neutral.
5. Check that switches and controls are off.
6. On 2100 buses or older, turn off door air valve (butterfly).
7. Turn master control to engine stop position at layovers except at night. During darkness you may place the master control in the park position for up to 30 minutes.
8. Turn engine off if layover is longer than two minutes and temperature is above 32 degrees. If the temperature is below 32 degrees, leave engine on.
9. If parked on an incline, either curb wheels or chock your wheels once your bus is secure.
10. Either lock pouch, lost articles, transfers, and personal articles in the driver’s compartment or take these items with you. Leave memory card in VCH.
11. If you are closing your doors, do so manually from the curb. It is not safe to close the doors from outside the bus through the operator window. Open your doors one minute prior to departure so customers may board.
12. When you return to a bus that has been parked:
• Check for potential hazards or persons around the vehicle. Special attention should be paid to the front and rear of the vehicle.
• Board the bus via the front door.
• If there is a steering wheel lockout cover on the steering wheel, do not start or move the bus. Make contact the mechanic working on the bus. If there is no mechanic present, notify dispatch: Press MECH, 2 – Tied-Up, and SEND. Follow dispatch instructions.
• Conduct a walk-through security sweep of the bus each time you board (See B901 Operator Security Responsibilities).
They've got so many rules that we are supposed to know that a photo memory is needed. Anything to indemnify the company and put the blame on us.

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