Monday, September 19, 2011


Evette told us union members yesterday that the approval of the budget is due to the good graces of our tyrannical (yes, tyrannical) union leaders who respect us so much have decided to let us "vote" (sic) on rows and columns of numbers!

Anybody that has attended these union "meetings" (word used loosely) can attest to the brutal nature of these gatherings.

Basically the supreme exalted leader (Hunt) only allows discussion on topics that he chooses and cuts off discussion if he is finding the discussion going in the direction he doesn't approve of.

Virtually the whole meeting is stacked with Hunt supporters anyway.

It turns out that the EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS were just as surprised by Jon's behavior at this meeting as I was.  It's understandable the position they are in, how to you buck the union president who holds all the power? It aint easy I'm sure!

Anyone who dissents is labeled a "union buster", I say bullshit to that!

Personally, I don't like to be threatened and challenge the union to throw me out!

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Chris Day said...

From the 2010 LM2 report we have a total of 4,383 members. According to the total vote counts from past meetings there is about 120 or so members that attend these meetings and vote on union issues.
2.8% of the entire local membership establishes union protocal.
97.2% of the membership that is not able to attend any of the meetings for what ever reason counts on the representation of that 2.8%.
Last Union election only 52% of the membership voted.