Monday, November 7, 2011

In shit (again)

Ive been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation over the Max video.
For the record: that video came to me on an email address were I literally get 1000's of emails. I thought it was a publicly available video which is why it was circulating around the
Internet. I routinely post all items that are of my specific interest, namely transit related material. I had no way of knowing this video was 'stolen' from the Trimet archives.


Anonymous said...

As long as you got it via an email or sent to you, you will be fine. I think they are just checking that you did not brake or access their computers. Even though they should know you better then that. Best of luck and stick to your guns.

Erik H. said...

I think TriMet is deliberately trying to hide something and you just exposed something big. Notice how there was no mention of it, despite the fact considerable damage was done - it wasn't like TriMet could simply pull the train away quietly. How Mary Fetsch was conveniently "on vacation" but she knew, when the on-duty PIO didn't have any info on the incident??? And unlike the recent bus incidents were blame was assigned almost immediately, there's no blame; the Operator hasn't been identified...and strangely enough TriMet doesn't even have a cover story.

Something is VERY fishy here. The can of worms is opened, and since TriMet doesn't want to blow their side of the story (which probably isn't good) they are shooting the messenger because they can. Of course they can't put on leave Joe Rose or KATU or KOIN (strangely KGW has avoided the story?)...

I hope the Union reps are involved here. They need to pull their guns out and fight for you. Not one thing that you did violated policy, violated safety, violated anyone's rights. Heck, do you even have access to where these video recordings are stored? I know that at my work we have surveilence cameras (at much more sensitive sites than a TriMet facility) and I have no freakin' clue how to access them - and I am plopped down in front of a computer for eight hours a day unlike yourself. It's not as though your TriMet bus is equipped with a computer on the TriNet network.

Al M said...

I got it via email absolutely the truth.