Monday, November 28, 2011

Comment from the Joe Rose blog

When is Trimet going to fire Al? This guy has shown an absolute hatred for his job, Trimet and sides on the side of drivers...that they never do anything wrong. If he worked for a private sector company, he'd be long gone with the stuff he pulls.

Stuff I pull? 

Like talking about working conditions and politics of a public sector employee?

Like being against a public agency that screws it riders and drivers while building useless MAXs line?

Like breaking union contracts contrary to established precedence and law.

Like imposing unjust and unfair discipline on its employees just because they can?

Like throwing your employees under the bus the minute anything goes wrong so that the executives don't have to take the heat?

Don't fret AL M haters, I got three months to go, then I AM OUTTA HERE!

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Erik H. said...

It seems to be the standard operating procedure of the TriMet apologists to simply attack those who have a valid argument with a personal attack rather than a response as to why TriMet does what it wants.

I'm almost thinking (conspiracy theory) that TriMet's own corporate communications folks are in on this...after all why won't TriMet even meet with me in person on their own turf to discuss specific problems? Heck just today a rider sitting in the back seat of my bus (1422) had to pull out his own roll of duct tape just to tape the rear ventilation panel down so it wouldn't smack the back of his head...that, after we passed up another 1400 series bus that was stranded in the center lane of Barbur just past the old Metro Y center.

I feel for you,'s a tough job to be a bus driver when you can't get respect from your own boss...people like us should be the people cheering on TriMet and showing the rest of the area how great it is. Unfortunately TriMet doesn't even pay attention to the people that use the system every day...a "Weekend Warrior" MAX rider who rides maybe one weekend a month gets more attention from someone who uses the system 10 times or more a week. And politicians who never set foot aboard a TriMet vehicle except for V.I.P. events seem to know more than the dedicated Operators that actually make the system run.